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Arise Sep 21
road crossed
six years apart,
stalked you every year,
regrets now
lost you, oh dear,
seen the world
with my eyes, I stare,
think how would it be
if you were beside me here.
yes, I'm alone, still, dream of you.
wish you to break,
collect my heart
what is yours to take,
no push to do
if there's happiness in you,
confused, how do I you ask,
seek that little pearl deep
doors open
glow in there if you see.
Love and Break
we both unknown.
through these years,
we have grown
Um, wise,
I am,
sure You are,
Far, we are,
We Admire.

this was the only way,
to spill it on notes,
we have shared the feeling,
let's share these words,

this is not for me, I write,
it's for you, who read.
wish this owe a teardrop
unshared.. untouched.. unheard.
a symbol of our pure love,

to those except these two,
are wondering who he talking to,
we confessed on a mail,
the prelationship we both failed,
[21 - 9 - 2021]
Its ongoing. Im late for Gym.
B3loved is her name. I love sharing this love story with you.
If you want to ask email me @

— The End —