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Crumble Apr 2014
So please pretend you are happier to see me than most,
Because in my dreams the water is so much more inviting-
Please sew up the seams of your mouth
Because in my dreams I've not been Queen, nor you a King.

Please let me feel the song lyrics again
Because we're not frozen now, more fluid than ever -
Please leave stitches within the confines of your corners
Because in my dreams there is no more tether.

I'm not sleeping well tonight, he's still struggling in me.
He's crept in as puncturing doubts,
and my Othello traits may be marked a flaw for all of history.

So please pretend I am still your world
Because I'm paranoid and down (in dumps, on knees, on luck)
Please sew up what's left of our spark
Because in tonight's dreams, **our love she and you took.

— The End —