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Tommy Randell Jun 2019
There's a Gull on my roof
I live a long way from the sea
So the Gull's probably a metaphor
For something that's wrong with me

It's hard to tell these days
Everybody claims perfect knowledge
The whole world has Google
And can look up the symbolic

My pal wants to shoot him
The errant Gull
But he's just an idiot
And attacks problems with impulse

I want to watch and see what he does
I do that with metaphors
The Gull might have reasons
Maybes and Whyfors

And he's not hurting anyone
Up there on my roof
He might be a theorem
Looking for a proof

I appreciate I am giving this Gull
A whole lot of things to be
And maybe he just wants
To be away from the sea

You know like the Devil
In that Netflix series
He just wants a break
From where his real life is

Perhaps my roof
Is where life is greener
Where he can be free
To be a day dream believer

Nah the Monkee reference
Is just a distraction
He's a Gull looking for another Gull
Metaphors are just poetry in action!

But the Gull is still on my roof
Fast becoming a cliche
I can no longer deny he's there
When I thought my troubles seemed so far away

— The End —