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Joseph Floreta Oct 2022
My love, My Solace, you’re always the first & only person
I run to whenever I fed up with life
& whenever I’m exhausted that all I want to do is to run away.
The first & only person who can bring solace to my whole system,
the serenity I longed for. Life is suffocating indeed,
yet with you, it feels free and magnificent.

My safe place, the days that I’ve spent with you;
feels ethereal & eternity. It was filled with so much love,
and those days I have with you, are the best days of my life,
I’ve learned a lot and realized one thing,
you are my safe place, my home.

My serene. You’ve never failed to make me feel special
& how much you fancies my entirety.
There are days that you could’ve chosen of given up,
you become strong in my stead,
you become my strength when I’m on the verge of giving up
when you can ignore me and just rest, yet you didn’t.
You chose to love me.
You chose to be with me regardless of the pros and cons arousing in your head might be.
I adore you, so much.
It may sound corny or cliché,
& it may sound cringe as well, you may call me stupid,
& I’m well aware that it’s too early to oath for something uncertain, yet, I am certain in wanting to spend long time with you.
I do not have anything in particular,
only a word of uncertain future, a promise of tomorrow.
Yet, I can assure you that you always & will always have me.
I will accompany you, be with you, guide, and help,
give you strength & be your rest.
Missing my girl, my Love, Mariss.  who accepts me truly like no any other, there's a saying that if someone truly loves you, he or she will truly accepts you despite that you are already showing off your flaws to that person. You can not love a person without accepting his or her flaws, the same way applies when accepting blessings to God, you can not thank God for the blessings and curse Him for giving you trials. When loving God, we need to accept that God sometimes allowing trials to come in our way before He sends us Blessings...
And to Mariss, I pray that God shall always be upon you and May God be our greatest Refuge. I love you so much. I miss you.

— The End —