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Scarfaced stripper
hungup her crackpipe & glitter.
Cashcow kielbasa kisser,
now frigid as a widder.

Of her all a giver like her **** was the Gipper,
but now she's living in her slippers, vaping w/ the vicar.
For up to his moniker, who was the liver?
Jack the Willywhipper! Really willywhipped her.

Smellin' salts you better get sniffin
- you been the victim of a serious willywhippin'!
Anyone get the number of that big rig?
By a serious ***** she been whipped.

Phantopera masque
wrap the willywhiplash,
but marked **** w/ a heart
met her Mr.Darcy in the dark.

Seemed a nice fella, neglected to tell her
alter ego expeller were Jekyll's enema.
Hyde-helicockter of her beauty robbed her;
Mr. Darcy's whopper really Jack the Willywhipper's!

— The End —