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Zeus Jan 2017
Would you like to know the difference between real love and imaginary love..
When some thing happens between you and the person you say you love, from a small fight to a big fight maybe even a few days or weeks without talking
Something like that could happens and you two start talking again, spending time with each-other again if the feeling gets stronger then its love, if the feeling is not there anymore then it is not love.
True Love never fades, it either becomes stronger or turns to hate but it never fades,
Imaginary love (infatuation) fades out after some time or after an event that hurts one or both of you....

i saw you say it was love,
to you saying it was a crush
i know one day you wont even remember but i will,
because i love you enough to give up every desire and intention i had for you,
i love you enough to see you make stupid mistakes and set you straight,
i love you enough for the both of us,
you loved the idea of me,
you loved the idea of we
you never loved me
and you think its hard to face
put yourself to in my place
always keeping a happy acting like I'm fine
telling that one simple, to give your heart peace of mind,
always remember i gave your heart a piece of mine..

— The End —