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HM Jun 2016
We were like dreams amidst the midnight cold
Silent and vivid and distant as told
By the golden sky, you squint your eye
Least did we know 'twas time for goodbye
HM May 2016
Here it comes
The freight of all my truths
The shallow saline puddle it's about to become
Not now. I beg.
I wish to tell. I'd rather not.

*I can't breathe.
HM May 2016
There's no doubt;
By any chance I'd see you again
Walking by the street or by the one you love,
That waves would churn where the sea is calm
This time not by the hopes of having you back,
Maybe, just maybe of the jolt
That comes with the sight of what once was home
That has now become a distant abode

By all means, I'm letting you go
HM Apr 2016
In case you come back
Remember all the times we had
And all the times you made me laugh
And try to remember the sparkle in my eyes I'd hoped you knew was yours

In case you come back
Take the time to think of old jokes
To the best ones, we almost choked
Remember all those empty rooms we turned into our escape

In case you come back
Remember all the dreams we had;
You in mine and I in yours.

Because in case you come back
I'll remember the times you've shut the door
How cold it was and how much I hurt

And in case you come back
I'll remember just how hard i fought
When all you did was turn your back
HM Feb 2016
Remember when you lit me up
Like i was light to my own somber thoughts
When you decided to burn me out
Like the matchstick you've just thrown

What used to burn so brightly
has now been all used up,
just wax on the floor with nothing left to light
HM Feb 2016
You keep on testing the waters
When all there is are waves
That never stay
HM Feb 2016
You see
all i have now
is my playful little mind
and the regrets I turn into
HM Jan 2016
I've lost myself in every way possible.*

Because when you allow someone to love you so strongly

and then you leave 'em hanging,

*That's what happens.
HM Jan 2016

A spur of the moment
A blink in time
The tic of the clock
I take it back

— The End —