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HM Oct 2018
Curse in disguise of a blessing
A rainbow after the storm
Not a *** of gold,
but a quicksand await by its end
It was but a better-than-dreams kind of truth,
A hard pill to choke on
But i swallowed.

I swallowed every inch of lie i tell myself at night,
Every ounce of my denial from your truth
Nothing but a mockery,
A slate of shame for you and me

It wasn’t saving grace
But a curse wearing a pretty face
HM Mar 2018
I can’t be your light
Not when your moon is gleaming at night
Not even when summers are long;
For its nights are where both of you belong

I can chase your nights away
But your heart—it belongs to the moon.
So I let my light die everyday
So they slowly fade and give you away  

She is your Moon.
HM Jan 2018
Let me be your ray of light
In any form, in any given flight
Not only when your moon fails to light up your river
Not only when your stars forget to glimmer

Amidst your moon are stars with frail light bickering;
But the sun is a star, it shines for you, darling
But you never look her in the eyes without blinding your own;

I am your sun
HM Jan 2018
But I will love you with the deepest parts I've known of me
Where no one really knows what they'll come to see
Where by you,I'll be felt
Even if not known to all else.

I have set my heart for you
Like the day is set after night, to come through
Like trees that wither
But only in the cold dark winter
HM Dec 2017
I'll keep you hidden somewhere far
Somewhere in my dreams when my eyes aren't ajar
Like the way you'd hold my hand
When no one's there to see at last

As the road neared end
You were the only one who knew
And that day you branded my now-favorite spot
You cleared the path, the line was right before my eyes

I should've been mad
Should've lost it when I was sad
But I cleared my mind, maybe I didn't care that much
Cause when i called you that night, I shouldn't have asked for another match
HM Oct 2017
If things worked out, I would've given you the world.
I stood there as my stomach curled
Sinking in reasons I'll never hear,
Drowning in a future that was never clear

I asked you not once, but one too many times
In all of those, you vaguely assured while shifting tides
I would've asked for more, and I didn't.
But you gave me a little too much to forget that we shouldn't.

Now I'm left with pieces of you in every turn
Like you wanted to be there til nothing's left to burn
You were a tide of joy that's waiting to fret
Now you're a wave of disappointment I don't think I regret
HM Jan 2017
That old sock of a teddy bear
That shiny silver tag
The letter you wrote
Those trinkets you let me keep

The best ones, I say
Aren't those you've handed to me
The best ones, you've given
Weren't yours to begin with

Those nights at the beach
I tried my hardest to enjoy
To shake off the thought
Of you not answering my calls

Those drunken nights
I call the best ones by far
To fill what you've left
When the choice was all mine

The time for myself
The growth I've acquired
The freedom i had
From the ways
you've made me feel

Because out of all the things
you've given me,
The best were the ones
you didn't hand over
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