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Maude Laurent Aug 2020
My dreams predict
My future,
And I don't lie
Or at least that's what they told me
To be honest
I'm not sure what they mean sometimes...
I see emptiness in my future,
Or a galaxy of wonders,
Or just space where I will spend my days,

I might not understand my dreams,
But at least they show me
Where I left my car keys last night...

And I don't lie.
Bored... I'm so fricken bored. But have a fun friday geesh!
Maude Laurent Dec 2019
I play the Wii theme songs
On orange juice cups,
And dance to the song
From despicable me 2,
Have a fun Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy. Today I am HHHHAAAAAPPPPYYYY!!!!! The title is my voice while singing the wii theme song btw
Maude Laurent Nov 2019
I see the passion in the words
They fight for life,
And breath,
And their emotion can overflow in me,
Their inspiration can overtake a soul.
Watching the storm waters
Rising on the ground,
Raindrops falling dance,
And remind me that all storms will pass,
Just like in life.

There is calm after the storm as well.
Have a fun Friday, I hope this was inspiring.
Maude Laurent Nov 2019
A lively fellow
A helpful sort
Found hunting and fishing
To be a good sport
One day he resolved
To go to the wood
To shoot a fowl
The idea sounded good
He saw a man a-walking
And so he went on talking
And helped the man carry a keg
Of beer or spirits or something,
Came to a strange valley
Found bowling pins
Not a bowling alley
Some weird men that were a-bowling,
Now while this was about
He came and took a draught
Of the keg and he found out
He felt he ought to sleep.
He woke up by a tree
His hunting gun, rusty,
His dog nowhere to be seen
And thought of those things
That happened before he slept
He swept his feet away to find
The place that he had left,
Strange confusion filled his face
For couldn't find the place
Where he was sure it had been
So he left again,
He went to his hometown
Changed in many ways
The people, tavern, and his house
Had all suddenly changed
He inquired of some people
About his missing friends
And to our surprise
This Rip Van Winkle guy
Had slept through the American Revolution!
We read Rip Van Winkle in English class today, I thought it would make a hilarious fun friday poem. Your Welcome ;p
Maude Laurent Nov 2019
While waiting
For the time to pass
Waiting for a time
With mine craft skills
Then arcade games

Just around the corner :)
I am going to Craigs cruisers tonight, and me and my bf are going to be playing a lot of mine craft before we go, fun Friday yyyeeeeeeeee!!!!
Maude Laurent Nov 2019
Got a pass
From English class
To play an instrument
For cross country,
I didn't have to finish my
35 minute
Question timed
Fun Friday.....!!!!!!!YYAYYYAYYAYA
Maude Laurent Oct 2019
If you had a table,
And on this table
Were big grey animals,
And from time to time you moved this table
Back, and then forth again and again
Would you call this table
The Periodic Table of Elephants?
Just a joke for Friday that I made up... lol. FUN FRIDAY EVERYONE!!!!!!!!
Maude Laurent Sep 2019
This is Franklin,
He is a bear cub.
He likes space
So he is wearing space pajamas.

He loves hugs as much as I love you.
So hug him, and some other people
And BEE happy ;)
This is a fun Friday, in fact, it is the most funnest Friday ever because it is this Friday!!!!! Give lots of hugs and feel great today :) (I made a note for my bf with Franklin the bear that i drew so that he doesn't feel alone when I can't be with him, that is what inspired me to write this, also challenge day which i just wrote and you can check it out on my page)
Maude Laurent May 2019
See the
Air flashing asteroids
Fire and wind
Outside atmosphere
Inside eyes
Watching the star-dusted trail
Following the burning glow
Wish again,
Luck, a myth of desire,
Fades in time
Clusters of stars
Our galaxy an endless wonder
Calm, but calamity
Black holes
Stolen light
Burning sun
Perfect alignment
Happy fun Friday y'all!!!!!
Maude Laurent Apr 2019
Ring, ring
"Hello this is me,"
"Hi, it's You calling,"
"You, Oh yes, I know You,"
"Good, do you happen to have any food?"
"Only a banana,"
"Can I have it?"
"Why not?"
"Because then i wouldn't be able to talk to you..."
"Because this is my banana phone, duh,"
"Oh, Goodbye me."
Hangs up
Me eats banana*
"Mmmmmm, Yummy."
Yes, i did have a conversation on a banana. Was it this entertaining... No, no it was not.
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