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Jordan Hudson Nov 2018
Arctic lands, cold as ice sands
Northern lights, and Midwestern brands
Malls and food are all to do
Corn fields and racing too
This is the cold zone
South people stay home
While we all complain
They have the better way
Factories, farms, and houses
Beaches, warm weather, now this
They eat and walk in the heat
Sitting inside and getting sick
While they walk outside and swim
We suffer living
We are giving
Money just to go down there
To breathe ocean air
It's not fair
Have to live it out, at least for now
I'll be leaving to go down south
Have to finish school here
And then I can leave in a few years
I hope I can make it to the sea
Where the water is warm and clean
Down there is where I will be
We are the ones left behind
While the rest are fine
Down by the water, right by the beach
While we are stuck next to trees
I hate living in the cold

— The End —