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Oh wont someone sing a
song for me of summers
that seem on looking back
a long time
Of my love and I and the summer we did share together distant memory
long since has
All but memories now left
to dreams at night dreams
I have of her and of all my
Won't someone sing a song  for me of a love destined not
to last for sickness and
took my sweetheart away no more to be left to memories of once I lived and loved a girl so
I have a dream one day we'll be together again and It's a dream that's keeping me
through my dreams I live my life again I see my sweetheart and hold her hand
Oh won't someone sing a song to remember my sweetheart and
of my dedication to my wife that we once shared a
My Dream one day someone a Poem I wrote and they'll write of Helen and I and life together

— The End —