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Rowan Ayman Jun 23
Talents became tales
told in talks
Impressed,we are
By someone who dumbed reality
Without further harm
We plan our lives like
It’s an airport
So technical with no artistic design
And our planes rarely fly
Reality is the falling petals
The winter which blows
With an acute possibility
of singing in the rain
Reality is the flues
The falls
The tears
Of teared hearts
and lousy teens
But it’s also
Summer , spring, and
The sound of ding ding
From the door bell from dear friends
It’s pink and black
It’s tweets and howls
And we run to another world
Where we don’t have to plan
Where we feel euphoric
Without clenched fists or
Wrapped up hearts
Without steep hills
And messed up parts
Is what tries to keep in our minds
That this world
is meant for grind.

— The End —