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Tag Williams Apr 2013
Light it up Blue,
not just for the kids,
though one in eighty eight,
should be hard to ignore,
Light it up Blue,
for all that they do,
the teachers, the doctors,
the therapist and you
Yes parents, light it up Blue
Grandma and Grandpa,
sisters and brothers,
All the good friends and
the community too.
So, Light it up Blue,
For all that they do
Shine a light on Autism,
let it burn bright,
Light it up Blue,
There is still much to do.
Thanks to Laura Schumaker for inspiration.
Tag Williams Aug 2011
Hey, Grass. What's your point?
No sheep, no cows, no dog.
I hate You, venomously
grow it
cut It
repeat, ad infinitum.
until the mower breaks
because it does, every year
even the **** Sears
fix it,
break it
grow it
cut it,
**** it.
Hurry, Autumn
**** wacker
useless *******
buy it
pawn it
grow it
cut it
**** it.
the whole yard
teach your punk ***.
Tag Williams May 2011
A blank slate, nothing.
Can it exist?
Point to it please.
The best I can do is
make something
from something.

A blank piece of paper
a fold just there,
another just here
Became a swan.
Paper origami.

From nothing came something
But how I wonder?
Minds greater than mine
play with this puzzle.

A blank piece of nothing
a fold just there,
another just here
Became a universe
Stellar origami.
Tag Williams May 2011
I count seven
rosebuds of pink and purple hue
on the plant I bought for Mother's Day
two years ago
The sun is shining after a morning of rain
we make plans for dinner. but the house
so full just last month is empty now, and silent
except for the snip of scissors as Shari cuts
the cloth for a new creation, and the scritch
of my pen on paper as I write this. The robin
out front sings mourning for it's young one
fallen from the nest, as ours have done
perhaps I need a puppy
not to replace, but for company
now that Samoa my old cookie
is no longer there, right here, where
I can reach out my left hand
to feel her presence, for my comfort
Ahh! There it is just that right spot where
the itch lives waiting for my scratch.
Tag Williams May 2011
remember....****, what his name...
it'a right there... I know I know this...
He used to play with the Beatles...
Uh...Bass left handed...
no, not John Lennon...the other one...
not George, you know the other one....
no, definitely not Ringo
C'mon Tag you know this...
was married to Linda
and then that other *****...
He wrote "Michelle, my belle"
and yesterday, all my troubles seemed
so far away...
sont des mot qui vont tres bien ensemble
It's in there tag, don't blame it on the stroke
or the smokes
how can you not remember this...
tres bien ensemble...
If I can't remember him even for this
brief moment, did he even exist
in my solipsistic world....
now I need a place to hide away...
Oh crap...McCartney...
how do you forget McCartney
Tag Williams May 2011
we outlive our animals
most of the time
our friend
our family member
11 years last week
can't rise on her own
today lies quietly
in the back yard
for squirrels
chasing them
in her imagination
as she would
when younger and able
not many days left now
while we with the intelligence
and experience
to keep her
just one more day
or let her go now
Sam, we will miss you
Tag Williams May 2011
Circles, they walk around in them
at the mall, at the bus stop
like a hybrid human/chicken
one winged cocked
in the air
cellphone tight against cranium
to block out the noise
of the other half dozen
doing the same
At times I will
hold my phone against cranium
to mingle with the flock
snippets of information
orbit my position
in diversity
"la perra me dijo que no mueva..."
"yeah man I got a lead on a job..."
"que el infierno que ella piensa que es ...
"it don't pay worth a crap
"and it's in Richmond..."
"She don't tell me not to move..."
and so it goes
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