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Zoe Averill Ren Sep 2020
I've devoured all of the parts of me
that weren't strong enough
to stand on their own,
flossing with ligaments left over
from weak muscles torn, given up,
gums bloodied by bone splinters.
Zoe Averill Ren Oct 2018
Visions of them leaving,
evidence such as this I have not
for my claims, just a feeling
that I trust... I have no choice.
What is there to do but believe?

Burn me with your tongue;
I question your innocence
before I obviate my doubts,
piling up like bodies in winter.
There is no room for this despondency.

Your touch an effigy of permanence
accompanied by sea salt -
scents I need to drown in
if I am to ever forget
how your fingers felt on my skin.

My eyes subdued fail to tell
all that my anima screams fervently;
lips sewn, I cannot deceive, but you,
you certainly saw this coming.
Duplicitous cruelty, tectonic shifts when you leave.

Perpetual ivory haunting; I remember everything,
how you built me and beat me to a mass of abdicable flesh.
Too late for limpidity, you call me on a camp adventure
while I'm still singing "defeated", my faith electrified, I ask...
Is it a surprise now they're all gone?

I am not them.
Zoe Averill Ren Oct 2018
You are somewhere in the sky,
    I’m not even sure if you are real anymore.
         I will stay here on Earth, boiling, tossing
  Wildly under your spell, all the while.
Zoe Averill Ren Oct 2018
Make me feel again
with cyan sky eyes, destroy
fear that multiplies.
Zoe Averill Ren Oct 2018
Sacrificial wind,
powerful and frightening,
blew open the door.
Zoe Averill Ren Oct 2018
My heart remains lost
between indifference and
the mistakes I've made.
Zoe Averill Ren Oct 2018
Your dark, sweet essence
overwhelms all of my senses,
How do I go on?
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