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Liza Jun 2017
when i look forward
the word
stares through me
just like you did.
only lasting a very short time
just like we did.
when i look backwards
the word
ignores its way through me
just like you do.
a homesickness for a home you can't return to, or never was
just like me now.
Liza Jun 2017
the you
that was trying to get me
held the door for me
stared at me
and respected me
the you
that had already got me
held my hand
waited for me
and wanted me
the you
that was trying to lose me
forgot what it was like
to want me
and what it was like
to have me
and i realized that
a while ago
i will not accept it
because a part of me
still wants the feelings you gave me
from when you got me
and when you were trying
but now
you aren't the same
not at all
and i keep knocking on the door
of the past
i keep looking foward
but you're in front
i keep my head up
but you're not below
you're always in sight
because i make it that way
i want you near me
in my sight
and when you're not
i feel
so maybe
the door of the past
isn't behind me for a reason
and maybe the door of the past
is in my view
not just because of me
but because
you want to be there too
Liza May 2017
i dont wanna change you
or fix you
there's nothing to fix
i just wanna make you heal
i want you to know that you're not alone
i want you to realize someone loves you
that you aren't fat
that despite your flaws
despite me sounding cliché
it's true
and maybe
cliché isn't a bad thing
maybe we need cliché sometimes
maybe it keeps me
from giving up
on explaining to you
how much you mean to me
and how much i care
Liza May 2017
I may die someday,
and I don't know when
But when that day comes,
I hope I'm not surrounded by men.
Because men laugh at me,
and mess with my head,
even if I knew you didn't want to get me in bed.
But in reality,
anything can happen,
So you better hold on to that seat belt you just fastened,
Because this is a massive crash,
and I want you to be safe,
Not be floating in a galaxy somewhere in space.
That is one way to die,
and here is a reason why,
It is better to say bye than to go home and cry.
We all do it,
and we all know it's true,
That's why suicide is easy to do.
My suicide may occur today, or tomorrow,
All I know is that the pill is never that hard to swallow.

— The End —