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Surbhi choudhary Nov 2016
I choose to do things because I want to..
I want to travel..
I want to work...
I want to fall in love...

Though things are not working the way it should..
But I can make it worth offering as I will ..n trust me i would...

Though your angle of perspective is right..
Though you took your mindset bright..

But to me it sounds no great..
Ill fight through it ill find my fate...

Stop asking me to do certain things coz all the people out are doing so...

Trust me dad believe me  mom ,and for heavens plead from my side ...
Let me go...
Surbhi choudhary Oct 2016
No I dont love him
But it hurts when he is nowhere to be found..
No I dont love him..
But if feels heaven talking to him midnight..

Though he is the only one comes to mind ,
When I crave presence of someone special...
Though every step towards life to me leads a way on his footsteps..
Though it doesnt hurts when he holds me tight...
Though I dont fear when he is close enough to kiss...
Its true that.... I dont love him..

Those words of affection....
Those intense eyes he has....
That rythm of his heartbeat....
The tears that rolls when he see me in pain.....
Drives me away to a world of blessings..

No I dont just love him..
Its beyond...
Surbhi choudhary Oct 2016
For every one in their mid 20s

I am just lost a lil in life...
It will be okay...
It will ....
I gotta have some faith...

But when exactly it will be okay??
Just for five minutes everyday?
I should better make most of it.....
  Sep 2016 Surbhi choudhary
I'm a rockin
I'm a rollin
I'm a twisting
I'm a turning

Can't get you out of my mind

It all started so slow
No smoking at the bar
Hendricks and juice
watching the show

You danced on by me
with someone I didn't know

Eye contact
The games between us begun

Now all night long
reliving our moves

Still hallucinating you next to me

Your eyes, they penetrated my skin
Your eyes they
hypnotized my mind

But of course you left with him

There's a scent in the air
I'm feeling your presence

My mind is on fire
My body is too
there is a longing desire

Not ready to forget you

I'm hugging my pillow
my sheets
they are burning

I'm rockin
I'm rollin
I'm twisting
I'm turning

Can't get you out of my mind
I'm not going to even try to.
Surbhi choudhary Sep 2016
Why is it so difficult?
This inner conflict. ..
A sudden need of being felt wanted...
A righteious feel of being ignored...

This wagging war to avoid bad vibes...
Why?  So much trauma...
Why? So much exertion..
Why? This inner afflection...

Still a hope of magic wand..
Yet a scope of almighty hand...
A developing faith of day over night...

Whatever it may be ..
Wherever it may lead..
I promise I wont loose..
A firm belief will take me in arms..
And I will go through a right choice..
And will have a day of fine rejoice...
Surbhi choudhary Sep 2016
She       fell
She       crashed
She       broke
She       cried
She       crawled
She       hurt
She       surrendered

And then...
           She rose again....

            - Anonymous
Surbhi choudhary May 2016
The day I saw you while I was praying for my dream mate..
I saw someone with no blended makeup..
But a blend of pure heart n soul..
I can still feel the breeze of the same evening..
You had that fragrance put on..
With happiness you share by every smile of yours..
I believed my pain need no medication to get cure..
And then this wish came true months after...
I was the one waiting for u to come in white at altar...
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