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Summer Cove Jan 21
love is not cruel
love is not selfish
love is not dangerous
or unfair
love was not a game
until we made it one
love is not casual ***
love is not two week relationships
love is not getting with your friends ex
because love is not cruel
love is not a text message
or giving the last
slice of pizza
love is so much more
so much deeper
love is the intertwining of two
like shoals of fish colliding
love is free expression
love is not hiding
love is the sun
but it doesn’t disappear in the night
it’s the central point of life
without it we struggle
without it we strive
love is hard work
but the reward has no price
love is our weakness
but we can’t help it
love is not cruel
love is not selfish
love is a sacrifice
that doesn’t have to be proved
it’s easy to watch a disaster
and be glad it’s not you
because people are cruel
humanity is selfish
don’t make love cruel
when you have it don’t waste it.
Summer Cove Sep 2018
Tell me I’m pretty,
Tell me I have perfect eyes,
Gorgeous hips,
Perfect lips,
Because who wants to be called intelligent,
Being called beautiful is more important,
Summer Cove Sep 2018
I dread the day I accept loss.
I dread the day I can sleep without crying.
my eyes and heart have gotten used to months of tears.
Each one a reminder of you.
I dread the day I don’t drive past the little church.
By the school on the hill.
I dread the day I forget.

My blanket of sadness and guilt
has become a familiar comfort;
tear stained memories, a broken heart
are better than none of you.
I dread the day I forget.

I dread the day I can’t remember
the curls in your hair.
That nike jacket you’d religiously wear,
The small details
I can attempt to capture with my poems
nothing about you was simple enough
to describe with a pen and paper .
I dread the day I let go.
I dread opening a new page.
one of the most personal things I’ve ever written.

— The End —