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Stu Harley May 11
We built a wall, with stones of doubt and pride,
A chasm formed, where laughter used to reside.
Across the gap, a lonely silence grows,
Can love still bridge it, where forgiveness flows?

Meet me halfway, with open heart and hand,
Rebuild the bridge, on love's enduring strand.
Let's tear down walls, brick by fragile brick,
Love meet me in the middle, make the silence quick.

For love's not meant for distance, cold and vast,
Meet me in the middle, where our love can last.
Stu Harley May 11
Love's tapestry is not flawless, threads are uneven,
Woven with flaws, beneath a starry heaven.
Misunderstandings snag, like thorns that tear,
Leaving frayed edges, and whispers of despair.

Forgiving hands, with patience, mend the tear,
Golden threads of trust, dispelling fear.
Imperfections bloom, a strength untold,
A love that deepens, braver than pure gold.

Not fragile beauty, but a weathered grace,
When love's not perfect, it finds a stronger space.
Stu Harley May 11
Love takes care of the little things, it's true,
Not grand gestures, but whispers soft and new.
A steaming mug on a cold and dreary morn,
A hand to hold when shadows seem forlorn.

A simple smile that chases clouds away,
A listening ear at the end of a long day.
Remembering dreams, the whispered hopes you hold,
A silent promise, worth more than purest gold.

These tiny threads, a tapestry so bright,
Love takes care of the little things, with gentle light.
Stu Harley May 9
Oh, love, we don't have long to wait, it's true,
The clock ticks fast, but hearts know what to do.
There is no need for plans, no grand display to make,
Love's tender bud will bloom for goodness' sake.

A stolen glance, a whispered, gentle word,
A shared delight, a song by nature heard.
With these simple threads, a tapestry began,
A love that grows, beneath the setting sun.

So let us dance, beneath the fading light,
For love unfolds, in whispers of the night.
Stu Harley May 9
The surface may seem calm, a tranquil guise,
But love shall feast upon the heart that lies
Beneath the skin, where passions burn unseen,
A hidden banquet, for the love-adept queen.

It hungers not for flesh, nor mortal prize,
But for devotion's fire, in truth-filled eyes.
It craves the depths, where dreams and shadows meet,
A soulful feast, a love both fierce and sweet.

So let it in, this hunger, pure and strong,
For love's true feast, endures a lifetime long.
Stu Harley May 7
Oh, love, I know how to breathe, it's true,
A gasp of air, a world reborn anew.
My lungs, once tight, with fear and doubt confined,
Now open wide, to beauty I can find.

The colors sing, a symphony so bright,
The world unfolds, bathed in a gentler light.
With every beat, my spirit takes its flight,
Oh, love, you taught me how to breathe, and live with might.

No longer chained, by shadows of the past,
Love's fragrant breath, a freedom built to last.
Stu Harley May 7
With a gentle hand, it lifts the weary cup,
Love's magic potion, brimmed and filled up.
No bitter dregs, no sorrow left to taste,
Just sweetness pure, a love that will not waste.

A warming draught, that chases shadows deep,
A soothing balm, where troubled spirits sleep.
In laughter's chime and tears that freely fall,
Love fills thy cup with good, to mend and thrall.

So drink it deep, this gift from heart to heart,
Love's endless well, a joyful, vibrant start.
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