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Justin Case Apr 2022
Jesus Christ, Son of
On Me
Justin Case Apr 2021
Oh, to be a dog!
I wouldn't have to pretend I'm not excited to see you.
I could be as needy as I wanted,
because even though it gets annoying, people always give in to a dog.

I wouldn't have to worry about what anyone thought.
I could love you to my heart's content and be happy with my life.
Justin Case Apr 2021
It's taking a lot for me not to give up
Justin Case Apr 2021
Oh fisher, fisher, how can this be?
I'm caught on your hook, were you fishing for me?

Your beautiful looks were the eye-catching lure,
Next find the fish that you'll bring to the shore.

A gullible guppy came swimming on by,
And that outstanding lure went and caught his eye.

He was a bit cautious, but took a small bite.
And at first it seemed like everything was alright.

But next thing you know, he was hooked real good.
He was enjoying his catch, as anyone would.

Things seemed real good when you were reeling him in.
But give him some slack, and things were bad again.

Little fishy didn't know that you would be his demise.
Until you pulled him from the water and he saw the blue skies.

You played that little fishy, from deep in the sea.
But you don't just catch fish, you catch poor guys like me.
Justin Case Apr 2021
I give you my all, and you give me your leftovers.
When you're sad I comfort you, when I'm sad I'm alone.
Your problems are mine too. My problems are... mine.

It's hard to keep pouring myself into you when I am not getting refilled myself.

I don't want to give up, but would you even care?
Would you notice?
Would you be better off?
Am I too much?
Justin Case Apr 2021
I do not know why
Regardless of what I do
I'm not enough for you
Justin Case Apr 2021
I try so hard.
I do my best.
I give you my all,
You can attest.
Despite my efforts,
I know it's a bit rough.
At the end of the day,
I'm just not enough...
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