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When Christmas is over then what? All the presents will be opened,
It is all for show and tell,  we actually don't know Christ's Birh is the Bible does not tell. There is so much contradiction, and I know by tradition and what is written, and believe what I am told, but in truth we have no written history of  Christ's birth accept in the Bible itself.
Christmas has become so materialized, gift giving and spending, where is the spirituality of it, I think they have done away with it.
Lilttle children love Christmas because of the presents they will receive, but what about the abandon animals that cruel people leave to starve and longer love you see. What about the homless people who have nothing  do the one's that have something to give give them a holiday gift bag of things that they might need or offer then Christmas dinner No I do not believe.
No not one teaches what Christ really taught when he was alive on earth it is better to give than to receive and it is better to love your neighbor than youself it the greatest commandment ever given.
When Christmas is over everything returns to the same as before with people no better than the day before.
Why Celebrate Christmas if you can' t celebrate  by giving to someone in need other than  family and families. Reach out and show them that you care just Christ did so many years before
Your Angel is dying slowly, they say that angel's never die,
but believe Angels are merely people that do good works in other people's eyes.
We hurt, we cry, we feel pain, and we feel our hearts break in two,
we know when our spirit breaks we will never be the same way too.
We keep our selves locked away so no can ever see us  again, especially those who hurts some even though we have forgiven, but we remember the event that caused the hurt and heart broke and the words that said
and made starting crying.
Months later apology comes and we have to forgive to be forgive, but from that time you changed that angel she always stay hidden.
You longer to see that Angel but she inivisible to you  becauses when you broke hert heart this is your punishment to you.
Angel dyng slowly with very few words to say accept she will always be with all night and all day. She will aways be your friend even though you are far apart. Keep on the road you have chosen it will take you far.
Another Christmas without you- Unucky number 13. I miss you so much and all I can do is think about us together and you are not with me. How could we know a month that you would be taken from me. Never to wake up again and to leave me. I am still heart broke over the day when I turned off the life-support machine. I watched you die befoe my eyes.
30 minutes I did not have you and my life was over too. I kissed you one last time and said we would meet again n far, far, better place . I am just waiting now to join you. Suicide looks good just to join you because no man can ever replace you in my heart or soul.  Another Christmas will come and go and I will still of you on your death date January 28, 2015. The pain is always going go be with me no escaping the pain of the man I loved for 12 wonderful year.
Christmas without you what will will you do?
New Years eve without out you what will you do ?
No hotel rooms, no sleeping in, up and an at at the Room In The Inn
Drawing a ticket will allow you to go out for the night at a church or send you back to the missions which you do did not care about.
All your cared about was *** and that I could give I was worn out and the end of my rope but you were the heartless on . I would have understand why you could not have performed you could not do for me so you cheat on me with women that ****** and unclean you never know what you catch from one of those Nashville ****** but they saw right through your scam all you wanted from them is their money and *** and they kicked you right out the door.
One more lonely Christime time becuse you are not by side,
I sit here on Chritmas Eve bu let no see me cry
My heart is broke, my spirit gone, How can Christmas be so glad
when I don't have you anymore.
Just another Christmas time I wish we were together
you are spending with the angels and I spending i alone
because I have not been called home. I hope it is soon because I want to be with your celestial  heaven.
Who can mend a broken heart. I don' think anyone can mend mine.
I have my heart broken time and time again,  I don't think any man can mend mine.
The trust is gone, my spirit is broke,  I  tried to love  but it was broken again, he took off and left me and I gave him the world and he left me  broken and crying. He would not talk, he would not compromse he got the money to leave from his church of Christ and I did everything for him.
My heart can never be mended it is broke for ever more.
Who can mend my broken heart  I doubt there is a man out there.
I  am moving on without any closure from this relationship,
You will not admit you did any wrong but eventully you like the others you will want to see me again. I am moving on because I can' t take the pain that you made me suffer all this year.
The tears, the emotions,  and nervous breaksdowns and you had no regrets at all.
You haven' an ouch of humlity but you want into your church of Christ like you did no wrong. I am moving with a broken heart and I hope in time my heart will heal and tha I will be able to trust another man.  You were selfish, thoughtfuless, and uncaring too. I promise you I will suvive this too. Don't come looking for me in three years because I will turn you away. You will have wished that you bridged the gap between us before you decided to walk away.
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