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8h · 30
.island monkeys.
island monkeys could not

go abroad

no boat

no plane no nothing

sadly they read books on other countries

with adventures, himalayas & ranuph fiennes
1d · 74
when sprayed
with cosmetic fixative
glow pink
2d · 279
.the affair.
it is a messy affair
paint smudges and runs

eventually all comes clear
one having the final say

predictions come and go
3d · 53
initially, crossed the  sea to the land, from one to another, then, talking. crossed the narrow bridge spoke of the past, you know what i mean.                                                                    

  courage to walk

4d · 204
mild here with sun
shining on the lake and
hills beyond. we both
looked from the top deck
on the bus yesterday
5d · 86
see the softest looking clouds
if that is where that work came

with gentle grey
6d · 111
.some days.

once the day is dawn, the door is open, face the sky, all

comes well some days.
7d · 139
.the gray mare.
rules come away. a differing

place,  turning in the year.

it came gently.
Aug 8 · 41
early for some, late for others, we came. different reasons.

Aug 7 · 122
.look up.
the clouds waiting as you

there are many to fascinate
give them names and fluff

becomes fact
a place one can recognise
Aug 6 · 47
talk goes on all day, about the heat,
the rain and drizzle,
no thoughts on the shipping
forecast. words red, remembered.

the bird, the boy, the machine,
there is only air between.
Aug 5 · 62
..the continuation.
relational, it is marked.

synchronised crossing

in orange.
Aug 4 · 89
.the other day.
the mass, the clouds lay heavy, rain that came, that blinded again. blinded those that could not see the love and idle artefacts, each one a statement of nothing in particular.
Aug 3 · 53
.before adding pink.
oh unsuitable paint you
covered lovely with no
comments as all are at

as advised
Aug 2 · 116
we wonder how it will map

we have wondered before
when waking to a misted world
Aug 1 · 82
. yesterday again.
care for small things

to be tired after it all
to sleep soundly


the day yesterday
Jul 31 · 76
. drawing .
we listen to the rain early

with mixed feelings

there may not be gardening done today

there may be drawings
Jul 30 · 174
the sea is quiet as we have never seen it

sun as hot as it gets

like summer

they gloried in it
Jul 29 · 204
.a differing view.
let us look at things, differently.

often, we do things, no one ever sees.

that is you and me. two of us
dancing in the dark. it came
and went,

Jul 28 · 40
Shoreline would be more an exploration of the concept….shorelines more related to actual examples… about that?
Jul 27 · 101
.sparkles rain.
light is wonderful

lifts the brain and  limbs


sparkles   rain  the morning

once again we have the repetition

of words

shapes fly
Jul 26 · 226
is all a pattern, that keeps us safely,        moves us

Jul 25 · 121
.small birds.
you like birds?

as do i

neither of us employed
&  i am vaguely idle

furlough ended &  was
invited back part time

you see i said no

& despite protestations
seem to enjoy

for now a bus ride
and coffee

for it is raining a little


Jul 24 · 92
.little bear.
forgot to say
that one bear
now has silk floral pants

as in underwear
not pants as in america

here we say trousers

anyhow there is no photograph

the guy in the charity
says there are no doll’s
clothes in stock

do you say thrift?

all ok for me here
even though my battery
gone low

writing before
it recharges

life is pleasant
even with the arrival


monkey pox thing
avoiding zeds all together

guess you know more about war
than most

good you have your benefits

he asked to be friends
with suchlike

so we replies no just pals

and he don’t understand


am not bothered

maybe you will help
with the writing

it was a documentary
so i guess it is still there



Jul 22 · 64
. bits .
is it acceptable to think in phrases, believe the attrocities yet do not share them

with friends.
Jul 21 · 95
.touch the surface.
maybe some do not plunge right in
just dabble on the surface

flick in puddles
like little birds
Jul 20 · 246
some thing is changing here,

so slight it can hardly be


yet it has been.  a feeling,

came after light rain .
Jul 20 · 164
careful what you dream on a cusp of night. know that all stars are not the same

seen  through the net nightly
Jul 19 · 110
. no words.
look at the weathered walls

hear the song come random

with words true for us with no argument

and our insides curl

with these feelings
Jul 18 · 181
we shall have more paintings

i can see the marks & lines
pushing through

despite the weather

to spite
the storms
Jul 16 · 59
a thing so private, so intense .   . simple , complex. no one will see it .  

                        note your achievements to date.                     .hell no
Jul 16 · 98
dreamed of devastation,           flew miles        low

over concrete .   skeletons,      bones of the thing.

all is dust, as dust we have become.
maybe connections are missed the link dismissed.    

metaphors faint as my flimsy whispers  

symbols   do you deny me peace?   perhaps you utter the words constantly?  

look closely
Jul 14 · 125
best to be gentle with those and all other things…
Jul 13 · 418
fraction of the whole

blue sky thinking

Jul 12 · 188
slip away
we watched them slip away

the news came suddenly
Jul 11 · 67

using phrases like the enemy
it don’t go unnoticed here either
Jul 10 · 240


i don’t paint like you

or you


need to convince myself
Jul 9 · 123
fear of falling,
and losing
the soft words
of my life
Jul 8 · 226
. break .


broken reflections

of a former life

smashed as it hit the floor
Jul 7 · 95
and wonder if there is any hope

will they miss me there or
merely carry on regardless
Jul 6 · 239
dreamed of devastation,           flew miles        low

over concrete .   skeletons,      bones of the thing.

all is dust, as dust we have become.
Jul 5 · 186
. darker .
they  do not know the darkness

how the light can fade into latin

& all things unreasonable
Jul 4 · 465
. burning .
while nothing is like usual no more

fires burning with evacuations

this global thing and the other things
Jul 3 · 224
he said the flames

came over the trees.

behind the buildings.

bombed the buildings.
Jul 2 · 50
this thing can **** the life even from

those hiding.

so they may  go live underground.

war of the worlds
Jul 1 · 69
.below ground.
bone of the soul

earthy dark
below ground

no crystals here
Jun 30 · 75
on checking I find
my dictionary

which explains.

it means

a place of discussion & debate

which it is indeed.

yet I don’t do that no more

Jun 29 · 78
we wonder how it will map

we have wondered before
when waking to a misted world
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