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Lxvi 1d
I am but a man
With faults ive attested
Though lacking in effort
You'll find I'm invested
As reality changing
Perception in strains
Memories rearranging
Its all in our brains
Fake it til you make it
Is how ill begin
I've deluded myself
And soon ill be king
Lxvi Jan 19
Soaked in this, your stain.
Cloaked with disdain,
Unchart me, your plane.
Never for, nevermore, and
Never again
Lxvi Jun 2020
Apple of my eye
Sweet cherry pie
Is this goodbye?

We made a good pear
But I cannot share
Banana cream pie

Sandless beaches
Pitiless peaches

Wisdom teaches
Practice preaches

Forgotten moot
Will slants deeds
Rotten fruit
Still plants seeds

Somehow september
I now remember
But I'd try your cyanide again.
Not like other poets
Being stuck in your rut
Was sweet as a nut
Lxvi Jun 2020
Zen is just zoned
Without the OD

And you're just a **
When you're missing ME
Home is where the heart is
Lxvi Jun 2020
Everytime I see you online
I want to bottle you up
And label you mine
I'd keep you in dark
Ferment you forgotten
Think of a drink
But now you are rotten
Here, meet the sink.
A sea of emotions
But you are my seal
I'd sooner drown
Than say how I feel
Lxvi Jun 2020
Imagine man,
I'm an enigma
A mage in nim'
Ii mm aa nn ge '
Lxvi Jun 2020
I've come to terms
With the worms
Inhabit my skull

I feel blessed
By your test
Though now I'm dull

I love your lips
And your hips
But I cant stand your soul

Will you ignore
Will I score
Or will you move the goal
Winter spring summer fall
I hate anything at all
Spring summer fall winter
Clues, unsubtle hint-her
Summer fall winter spring
Would you wear my ring?
Fall winter spring summer
Sorry I am such a ******.
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