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Lxvi Jul 2023
I've spent much time in recent days
overcoming my old tired ways
I've seen myself for what I were
and after all I'm still quite sure
without you I am not

I've cleaned up my old tattered dreams
unwoven all my scattered schemes
I've searched throughout my entire lot
of all my treasures that I've got
without you I am not

I've lots regrets and mistaken paths
I've killed my rage and soothed my wraths
I've cast you spells and prayed your way
though it hard to finally say

without you I am not.
an Auto biography
Lxvi Jul 2023
Do Re Mi Fa
Fad I. Rome
redo if am
So La Ti Do
do it also
todo: sail
loot dais
O' tidal o's
Do So A ReaL iDio(M/T)  
the sound of music
Lxvi Jul 2023
I *** I sneeze I *** and ****
to HEPO sheep my **** is art
Lxvi Jul 2023
Do not mistake the art
for the artist
if you're trying at all
you're trying the hardest
Lxvi Jul 2023
im the son of a gun, speak my name and i'll shoot
a bullet **** smoke, left the cover in soot
the ensuite ensured entropy disabled
disaster dictates what destruction enabled
they ramble and sweat, their decisions are rash
through brambles, and yet, all others were trash
Lxvi Jul 2023
I write logs and graph our calls
I guess I couldn't hear the fly
slowly writing on the walls
your cursive eludes me, why?
What goes around didn't come back this time
but when entropy reverses our cold breath
and you **** me back in, I'd like to meet death
I'm sweating now; but, I won't die a heat death
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