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Softly spoken Sep 2012
Picture this
A love of pure bliss
waking up in the morning to smiles and a warm kiss
Never having to worry about relationship issues
staying up all night or drying ya eyes with tissues
picture a love found and never lost
an expensive destiny but i paid for it **** the cost
my heart locked in your souls chamber of love
picture a forever with me, can you see it as pure as a dove
could you picture a dream that came true
you loving me and me loving you
imagine never having to argue or disagree
could you picture just picture you loving me
anything you need i would get it with both hands
i could be everything you desire one of your biggest fans
loving you in a way that the bible speaks about
no matter what i say love is what you hear out my mouth
i could love you from head to toe .... and toe to head
you was never pleased until you got in my bed
now that you have pictured it lets make it real
everything i speak of allow me the oppurtunity to make you feel
i will turn some of your greyest sies blue
all because i cherished, admired,adored and loved you
delete ya past its nothing to think about
i have taken over ya mind like spam in your inbox
imm giving you a reason to love something to desire
your heart was freezing cold until i sparked my fire
you dont have to picture anything else i will make ya dreams come true
all you have to do is let me thoroughly love you
let me be you reason to fantasize
help you understand why your alive
you was born into this world as one but your heart beats for two
and mines beat at your beat so our hearts beat for me and you
                                            now can you picture it
Softly spoken Aug 2012
Can I get a break from my mistakes?
Those always seem to determine my fate
Because I realized the love I had for you to late
Awakened every night with a sweaty face and deep shakes
Please baptize me from my sin
That has dug deep within my skin
Never to let me breathe a clean breath again
Because what I know now I didn’t know then
The mistakes of my past seem to haunt my ***
As I try to get a grasp on knowing I let go the best for the last
Now I’m lonely stuck on my past
Praying that I could go back
Can I get a break a clear sky?
Even a bright night
A sunny day
A walk in the park oh how I remember those days
Like the time you held me and told me to cry
That you were right there to dry my eyes
And you never lied
Can’t say the same about my self
Now I’m haunted by my own questioning…. WHY
I just need one break one time to apologize
For my lies those tears I put in your eyes
Followed by those lonely night
Give me a chance to prove myself to you
And if not help me have a break through
Softly spoken Jun 2012
Everything happens for a reason thats what i believe
And i think i know the reason y yesterday we had to meet
One day some time soon im gonna come and rescue yhu
Take yhu away from any pain yhu ever felt im gonna make ya torn heart brand new
Seeing yhur smile and feeling the touch of ya skin
She is so young but my heart she is about to win
Knowing i didnt want to leave yhu but i had no other choice
The rest of my ride i kept hearing ya voice
If only i could have kissed ya lips and allowed my hand to travel a lil further between ya legs
If i could have only blessed yhu with my tongue while yhu ran ya fingers through my head
One day my lil shawty my ride or die my distant lover that is to far to be mine
One day we will reunite
And im gonna do all the things i should have done the first time.........
Softly spoken Apr 2012
i have become the disruption of dreams,the scare heard and never seen,the heartbreaker of all times,the 1 ppl wish to erasefrom there lives and mine,i have become the unsuccessful tragedy of life, the one yhu love and hate at night,i am the rock never to be broken,the door that wont open,the lock that wont let the key in,no one is who i want to befriend,i am the completion of things ppl dont understand,the reason straight woman are leaving there man,the optimistic **** up god created,so do me a favor shhot me but please make sure i am sedated...........
Softly spoken Apr 2012
Can I give you what you have been missing
Long walks in the park intelligent convo's and real love making
Can I show you the unseen
Our love , my soul and how together our hearts beat
Can I be what you deserve
Ya girl ya wife the one to shelter you from hurt
Can I
Can I make love to you as the sunrise
Be your napkin when tears fall from your eyes
The protection you need when your love is in danger
Your favirote food song clothing line rapper and singer
Can I cusp ya soul right next to mine
Put love on ya plate
And for dessert forever I will be ya soulmate
Can I fix what has been broken
Put back a love in you that was stolen
Make you smile even when your sleep
Supply you with all your wants thoughts dreams and fantasies
These things for me to do I would be oblidged
But before I start I must ask can I
Softly spoken Oct 2011
We have been kicking it for a minute or yhu can say a while
I love everyhing about yhu from ya laugh to ya smile
Time goes by I find myself continuosly asking that question yhu relunctantly turn down
but you don't want to stop messing around
You like us better with no title
Your not my girl, not my wife none of the lubby dubby shyt
But you always come to me when you need that quick fix
I'm patiently waiting for you to be ready
Wondering will you ever be my girl or should I say lady
But you prefere us to have no title
You want no compilcations to what we created things go smooth
You already got ya wife someone already married you
No ring involved just a word with no meaning someone before me has a title ****
So I'm stuck with working hard to move up a notch from just ya friend
You say 'we are better with no title'
Well I'm sick of this shyt I can't take no more
You be my girl or I will permanantly walk out ya door
I am willing to let go of the ***,laughs,conversation no more of my time will I waste on you
I soon find someone to give me what you was so scared to
Now your ******, I ain't shyt now you hate my guts
Mad at the fact I found someone to return the love
You feel some type of way now I have found someone new
And now I'm ok with being just friends with you
Your right we don't need a title
See I got tired of asking, wanting, and waitng
So yes I went and found someone that would love to be my lady
Now I have a girlfriend, you want to be that so you make a rival
All your screaming ranting and raving in the beginning your the one who said we didn't need a title......
Softly spoken Oct 2011
I have had it all big little tall small I mean **** I have had them all
But I must have not checked the menu I must wasn’t looking hard
Cause **** oh **** I didn’t know that you was on the call
I didn’t know if I stead fast held out and waited a bit
That I would get you for dessert I lick my lips
Knowing that you r my meal my dessert and appetizer too
I would have never ate anything if I knew I could have had you
Now in real terms no side bars
I’m trying to figure out how I got out my war
How I seem to have danced my way to you
How some one so young can make grey skies blue
I don’t seem to understand how our connection have become
Not even how I’m begging you to be my number one
Two three and four my one and only other ******* get locked doors
You r phenomenal one of a kind
A majestic thing that has been in my mind
You r what people fantasize for and never to come true
My girl my heart my love my boo
I laugh at your past and daze in your future
knowing that the sickness of lack of love I can cure ya
I await the day to show you that even small dreams come true
Because wanting faithfulness love honesty and respect should have been giving to you
And that’s along time ago may I add
I swear girl I love you you’re the best you do the math
My heart …yours entwine…two… a true love that never dies
divided by our haters because we have a few that’s no lie
I speak forever the existence of time the knowledge of knowing that the girl is mine
Is all I need to smile while drinking on wine
Even if all failed in my life I still could chill because I would know the love I share with you is past real
It is the unrealistic knowledge of a love beyond our time made for us
hoping one day besides a friendship love would fill our cup
One thing you heard a lot but I can say is true
Is genuinely realistically knowingly and unchangeably I love you
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