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Jan 2019 · 686
Sofie Jan 2019
and you can scream
from the top of your lungs;
your echo won't sound

what was overshadowing noise
has now become silence
Jan 2019 · 529
'I won't let go'
Sofie Jan 2019
I still hear your voice, crying through the night
It echos in my head, saying 'I won't let go'
And the walls in my room creak with every tear
that falls from my cheek to my lips, tasting salty
Like the final kiss you placed so indifferently on me
while my heart was screaming 'please don't go',
words that my mouth was never able to tell
And now the night shares the story of us again,
so I listen foolishly to keep you a little closer,
for the promise you could never keep
was the one that made you stay
Jan 2019 · 475
why i dream
Sofie Jan 2019
to see the skies painted in light blue
to feel my spine be kissed by you
to hear children laugh a little longer
to see friendships grow a little fonder
to hear music in silence
to stop poverty and violence
to watch your eyes shine brighter than ever
to hear you say that i'm not pretty but clever
to imagine the future and long for the past
to try and escape the world of the sad
to create a new reality with my own limits
for what would our world be without dreams in it?
Sofie Jan 2019
you know,
I never mean to think about you,
not this often anyway,
but you appear in my mind like a broken record,
as if you never really left,
the lines of our last verse remain unfinished,
and it haunts me everyday,
because you are a song I can never forget,
you are the words I will always remember,
the melody that surrounds my heart at all times
you know,
I never mean to think about you,
but somehow you are still here,
in my head, in my mind, in my heart
you just are an unforgettable song
Jan 2019 · 22.5k
pretty girl
Sofie Jan 2019
pretty girl,
the boys are out to get you
they'll take away your flower
they want what's only yours

pretty girl,
blossom slowly,
stay in your cocoon for now
for summer can only last so long
and soon it will be over
Jan 2019 · 356
our love
Sofie Jan 2019
our love is a game
an everlasting war
that we can never win
for we are afraid
of caring too much
so we hide
and we quiet
it is a game
we are bound to lose
Jan 2019 · 323
my first haiku
Sofie Jan 2019
i can see your smile;
as the sun above the clouds,
it shines from afar
I want to see you happy, and I know that you will be one day.
Sofie Jan 2019
love never hurt you,
he did
Jan 2019 · 334
remember me, she said
Sofie Jan 2019
"remember my face," she said,
"so you'll be forever reminded
of the kiss marks
you left on my mouth"

"remember my name," she said,
"so you'll know exactly
which grave to spit on
when I am no longer around"
Sofie Jan 2019
he feels the happiest during winter
the season where everything dies
for when everyone else is depressed
he gets a chance to feel somewhat alive
Jan 2019 · 595
kiss of sunshine
Sofie Jan 2019
a kiss from you
a touch of sunshine
to me
it feels the same
Sofie Jan 2019
He told me that when he looked at me,
he saw himself

Back then,
it made me smile

But now I've realized
that whenever our eyes met,
he was reminded of
what a broken soul
he actually was

I was the reason for his constant suffering
Dec 2018 · 186
I wonder
Sofie Dec 2018
I wonder  
what you
are dying
to say
but are
too scared
to tell
because maybe
just maybe
I feel
the same
Dec 2018 · 521
floral garden for you
Sofie Dec 2018
a flower of beauty
I could never forget
bloomed the very first
moment we met

so I bought flower seeds
and I planted a few
for each hour and each day
I would spend loving you

as our love was in blossom
the flowers were too
now I've grown a floral garden  
dedicated to you
Dec 2018 · 193
our love story
Sofie Dec 2018
I died

for you

you lived

for yourself
Dec 2018 · 381
Sofie Dec 2018
I'm not afraid to say goodbye -
the word feels numb on my tongue
for I've said it so many times
Dec 2018 · 426
the melody of my heart
Sofie Dec 2018
my heart sang for you
in melodies you hadn't heard before
it was infatuating to you
so you listened every night
but at break of dawn
when the stars no longer aligned
you left my singing heart alone
with it's melody in mind
Dec 2018 · 292
someone you loved
Sofie Dec 2018
i used to see stars within your eyes
but now they stare blankly at mine
as if you have somehow forgotten
i was once someone you loved
Dec 2018 · 1.4k
can you hear me?
Sofie Dec 2018
can you hear me
when I talk to the moon at night,
wishing you were doing the same

this is the time I need you to listen;
listen to my heart, calling your name
Dec 2018 · 166
devil's kiss
Sofie Dec 2018
I let the devil
take my hand,
embrace my body,
kiss my mouth,
it was dangerous
but those lips
were too sweet
and now I feel
the threads of hell
pulling in again
because I don't know
right from wrong
so let me sin again,
see you again,
feel again,
for you are evil
in its purest form
that gives me
reason to regret
that I ever did good
Dec 2018 · 237
only in my dreams
Sofie Dec 2018
i pinch myself
whenever it all feels
too good
to be true
and this time too
i woke up
from a night
dreaming of you
Dec 2018 · 387
cold hearts
Sofie Dec 2018
and now I know
that 'I love you'
was a lie
for cold hearts
only beat
to stay alive
You don't love me. A heart like yours doesn't love; it pumps blood.
Dec 2018 · 407
last goodbye
Sofie Dec 2018
i kissed you
not just once
but twice
because i somehow knew
this would be
our last goodbye
Dec 2018 · 373
I look pretty for boys
Sofie Dec 2018
I fix my lipstick
He says, "no more!
with all that makeup,
you must be insecure"

I do my hair
He says, "what for?
it honestly looked better before"

I get my nails done
He says, "so fake,
you know, boys like it the natural way"

I'm sorry to inform you,
but I do this all for me,
so whatever you think about my looks,
I simply disagree

The makeup and the dress up,
it gives me so much joy,
so won't you please stop thinking
that I'd do this for a boy
Dec 2018 · 167
I let go
Sofie Dec 2018
I let go of you
to gain myself back
Dec 2018 · 1.4k
foolish lovers
Sofie Dec 2018
we're foolish lovers
living a lie

we're foolish lovers
stuck in the past

we're fools
for trying
to love each other

for we both know
we're only
fooling ourselves

we're foolish lovers
bound to regret

that we're foolishly pretending
not to love
someone else
Dec 2018 · 237
to you
Sofie Dec 2018
you are so special
so special
that you made me
fall in love with the world again,
because this world reminds me of
you and I,
this world belongs to the two of us,
and in this world
I can always go back to the place
where our heartbeats first met
and have been in sync
ever since
Dec 2018 · 814
like my dreams
Sofie Dec 2018
you've changed
like my dreams at night

they used to be sweet
now they're haunting me

— The End —