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Sofie Aug 2021
People change

Often times,
It feels like a let down
Most times,
They are chasing themselves

You can’t always be part of their journey

Become your own
Sofie Dec 2020
it is like you are only
drifting further away
where are you going, you?
where is this place i am
running to?
Sofie Nov 2020
I was too young to consider
that I was turning old
Days disappeared and we slept
Nearly never
I found peace in the night
And loneliness wouldn't dare to touch me
I felt every emotion and I was
Far too comfortable
Until the day when the sun settled
Above the clouds
I could no longer see her
I forced myself to believe in something else
Never been so frightened by
Looking in the mirror
Sofie Oct 2020
Du daler og mærker
Hvordan tyngdekraften rammer
Et hårdt **** i samme bløde fald;
Hvor man dog ønskede at kærligheden
Var lige sådan,

Ikke sandt?
Sofie Oct 2020
I wish I was unbothered
Or careless or free
But all of those things
I’m afraid I could never be
Sofie Oct 2020
It will not hurt when I die
It will pop
Like a bubble
An explosion
Of bliss and sorrow
Like a wave or a soft touch
Of deepfelt emotion
Sofie Sep 2020
I wrote a love poem
And it is yours to read
Just bare in mind
It is all about me
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