Incessant insolent innocence lies broken by a bedside.
Am i taking psychoactive substances, or am i substantially psychoactive?
Puzzling proportions of a mirror lie shattered by my knees.
Am i broken?
We just want to fix you.

Are you broken?
I just want to feel free.

kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill
 May 2011 Snow Child
Jacob Demlow

As Kids
We run up the down escalator
And down the up escalator
Living our days happily
As adults
We walk up the up escalator
And down the down escalator
To get places faster
To do work
No more joy
No more play
But sometimes
If you look closely
Once in a while
You can see a flicker of joy
Across an adults face
Hurrying to the almost departing train
Doing their own little victory dance
When they make it before the doors close
Then they sit
And get back to the office
To get back to their desk
To get back to life
And it’s gone
And it remains just a glimpse into their past
As they sit
And make a future for themselves.

Written while riding a MARTA train. Fall 2010

Once while sleeping I saw a dream,
In a beautiful ground was playing,
That was lying near a lovely stream,
A pretty smile was the sun displaying,
Grass was tickling when we'd run,
And dew disappeared as shone the sun.

In the game, so fast I ran,
And found myself far away,
Saw back but no friend I sought,
But my eyes met an old mourning man,
May be, he forgot his own way,
I reached him curiously in this thought.

When he turned his lovely face,
I recognized, Ah! Our National Father,
Whose tender heart was full of grace,
'Why thy eyes wet? O my father!
Practising on thy doctrines, now India is free,
But, ye weeping, O ye must be gee.'

Wiping his tears he broke his ice,
'Why to be happy and on that to be gay? '
He spoke in his woeful voice,
They again and again me slay,
My home affected by violent flood,
And my yard is full of human blood.'

'I'm unable to imagine, O what we say?
How thou be slain again and again,
While from thy home thou far away,
And on thy attire, how is this stain?
I've seen thee cheerful in my books,
But, why sorrowful thy face looks?

'Open thy mind and understand me, O child!
Where peace resides the place I attain,
And thou know well that I've been mild,
Thy white clothing leaders made on me stain,
Ah! Gujrat, My Gujrat is full of human blood,
Wild Modi has brought a violent flood.'

In his tearful eyes I saw horrible sights,
Men be killed, burnt, cleft and badly drawn,
Surrounding one be ripped if one who fights,
Tearing womb, infants are wildly drawn,
Infants're cleft before their mothers' eyes,
With a painful cry I closed my eyes.

copyright @ muzzammilshah
 May 2011 Snow Child
River Elise

Theres a symphony of muted strings collecting in her soul, and
the sunset deep inside her is an influential glow.
A downtown ballerina with her unborn daughter's face who
lives life inside her boyfriend's arms cos thats her favorite place.
The creativity inside her stirs up all that's gone away, so
she aches for them  to love her and it brings her down to pray.
One day she'll rise above the stars and let go all her pain.
Angels always show they're hurt by flooding us with rain.

I have lately become concerned with the overflowing bottle inside of my bag

Not the one half filled with liquor

But the storebought 8 ounces of water

Distilled from the mountains of somewhere I haven’t been

It’s not so much that the fabric is wet

In fact, the whole thing is very much dry

It’s just that I’m terrified of the water

- which i feel so certain is leaking out -

Staining my last 5 dollars

That pretentious book I’m reading

And my favorite picture of you.

I bake.
When the answers slip my hand.
When I can't understand.
When I can't sit around.
When I am joyful or profound.
When I am renound.
I bake. I bake. I bake.

I cook.
When the world seems too scray.
When I can't sleep soundly.
When I can't speak loudly.
When I am sad or lonely.
When I am hungry.
I cook. I cook. I cook.

And when I don't know what I want there is always the recipe book.

 May 2011 Snow Child
Chris Weir

Buy the film
and let it sit.
Buy the film
develop it
in the dark
dark dark box.
Buy the film
just in case
in its case.
Buy the film
and keep it safe
just let it sit
just in case
in case
in case.
Just let it go
you know
you know.
But dollar signs
are on my mind
my mind my mind
mine mine mine mind.
Each click click click
tick tick tick ticks
scratch scratch scratching
at my savings.
So I'm saving saving
though I'm craving craving
just in case
in case
keep it

But oh! the colours!
They bleed with
the seed of light!
Faded flourish,
show me frequencies
mine lenses cannot
Switch click crank
and smear
spread chemical beauty
I'd otherwise not hear!
Make me melt
into a world
that is mine but
can't be felt!
Your gleam it seems
is like that of steam:
a dimmer shimmer
it wisps and wafts,
soft evidence that
this all exists.

So go.

Lying here wispering secrets from far away...eyes closed imagining a place thats just ours.
I can almost feel you here next to me, my hand in yours, your secrets in my ear.
I take a breath , take a chance and open the eyes i tried to seal shut.  My heart falls, my hand holds only air
I know you wont be there
i see only shadows at the most you are just the voice of a ghost, not the boy i used to know.

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