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I dont like star wars
I dont like talking
I dont like shooting stars
I never felt this way before,
Send me through the floor.
I understand your fear
For I have felt it too.
But I can't help it if I am strong and you are weak.
This is you at your peak and I know that because I like em like that.
Yeah, just enough baby fat.

Can it be that you and I were destined to be?
Fates unkind, its cruel memories

Moisten thy meat, before I sink my teeth:

How to eat
The foundation of a society built on getting laid
will last as long as the love it made,
the infinite and indestructible tardigrade, with no tardis
boggles my concept of space and time.
Mmmm, coffee is so good...
My coffee is black,
Like the color of my soul, or how I dress
Or the color of my grandfather.
*The oils & caffeine coat my tongue
and I am anew
My bowels  *turn

The bile  churns
and in ten minutes, I will have to poo.
She's like a wolf with such  pretty eyes.*
But she's a woman with prettier thighs
Don't look to hard or she'll eat you up, you silly pup!
And what did you think?
Was she the pack mother or the canine sphynx?

We're all dead tonight thanks to the ebb of the tide. The moon smiles and squeals inside at the breath and the sight of our homicide.
If you asked the hungry, they'd say they're glad that we died
Because they feast on our flesh
On the Earth we are but guests.
Know your place lest you rest in a coffin lined with the sorrow of your regret and carved from branches of your potential. It's essential that you respect lady death.
Don't step out of line.
Step out of line your life is mine, the universe is mine. The stars and the heavens combined.
Fire water that is.
A taste of death so good it'll leave you in the gutter.
The bitter better butter
You can find anything in the hood,
So I guess it feels like it should.
As I lay alone in my bed
I still feel you on my skin, lingering.
Ping. Ping. Pinging inside my brain is the sound
of you singing.
The squeal made after
the ******* still ringing as I
**** my guitar. We both gently
weep. I check her neck for a
scar, and cover it.
poison seeps
Go to sleep.
I miss your heartbeat beatbeatbeatbeat
That's why I hug this empty couch seat where you sat
(Cause i thought it was the last time youd see my ***)
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