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It's second nature to walk home before the sun goes down
And put your keys between your knuckles when there's boys around

We smile away to ease the tension so it don't go south
But there's nothing funny now

Isn't it funny how we laugh it off to hide our fear
We hide our figures

When will we stop saying things?
Cause they're all listening
No, the kids ain't alright
Oh, and they do what they see

Boys will be, boys will be boys
But girls will be women

If you're offended by this song
You're clearly doing something wrong

Then you're probably saying
Boys will be, boys will be
But girls will be women.
cherryblossom Mar 22
a relationship goes to
female and male
who started from
lowest to the highest.

we started from acquaintance,
friends and partners.
but end up you're no longer partners.
we became strangers.

a stranger that looks like not a friend
but you call it a friend?

and we are already strangers
because we don't talk anymore...
cherryblossom Mar 22
like and love there are always
a difference.


is who you like that person,
sometime it take times for the person
to like you back.

both parties care for each other
and being serious on it.
love each other,
always have an ups and downs.
and more.

what comes around love always hurt you.
cherryblossom Mar 22
I hope

whatever you're doing

in future,

will makes you happy.

find a better person than me

success in life.

I hope you're happy in life

without me.

cherryblossom Mar 22
I guess we are okay
just that we are lack

seeing you smile ,
makes me smile.

get a text from you,
it did make me
smile too.

but it just less than hour
in one day
in one night.

thank you so much
talking to me :)
cherryblossom Mar 15
How I wish I could see you
and took a photo together

hang out to explore foods and places.

took a picture,
get comfortable with each other

get myself comfortable to ride
with you :)

cherryblossom Mar 15
The day i met you,
I see your smile
just make me wow
I feel shy, nervous,
so fast like how you
race my heart :)

I ran away to cool myself
like I want to hide myself
because im too nervous
and shy.

That is the best day,
to talk to you,
to get to know you,
to spend time with you,
to laugh with you,
to smile with you,
seeing your face with
with cute adorable smile.

**** I miss you so much :)
see you soon.

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