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Hungry Mar 18
If I wander any more,
then I’ve seen and felt everything
When I wander I’m at war
Fighting voices in the boxing ring
Why I wander, I’m not sure
I don’t wander for anything
But I’m not lost, I really could never be
Those people with chains they scowl at me
Whose chains would weigh my wandering feet
Purple with bruises by the terrain they meet
Longevity, I do not wander in futility
Wondering, do I wander aimlessly?
Wandering, naught but a title of vagrancy
If not with a purpose, I wander purposefully
But I’m not lost, I never was, I never will be
Hungry Jun 2022
I wrote you a book
You threw it under your bed
You skipped over the pictures
And skimmed what it said
You don’t read
But you’re not illiterate
If I sang you a song
With harmonious lyrics  
All of the little bits
Would bang your ear drum
And an apt, vain outcome
You’re the moon
You’re not the brightest
And you haven’t even the slightest
Idea of what
I’m trying telling you, but
When you stop pretending
That this unending
Never-ending cycle
Of trying to make you feel
What I want you to feel
Has been really imaginary
Then I’ll be the most
Successful writer
But once again
I wish you would read my book
Hungry Apr 2022
My tear ducts are like leaky faucets trickling against the inferno that infests my eyes

Wind gusts tease the flames that engulf my pupils

With each wink and blink the droplets dance atop the hellish fumes

Direly tranquilizing the fiery daggers that pierce my eyes
Hungry Mar 2022
Tonight I’m very sleepy
I can sleep for days
But then I’d miss you
And you’d miss me
As I’d sleep the days away

I dream about you
I like you in my dreams
You’re even more beautiful when
You like me too

I could sleep forever
Hungry Mar 2022
What if you were God?
You could find my prayers addressed to you unsent,
You could laugh at the hysterical things I’ve dreamt,
You could spy on where I am and where I’ve went,
The things I’ve done and the things I’ve yet,
The things I cherish or want to forget,
And in the end I don’t want to repent.
When the end comes, I don’t want to repent.
Hungry Dec 2020
At 830 PM
I think and then
I think too much
And think of them
I can't sleep
I think to sleep
I think of you
I think of me
I think that
I think at
The worst times
My worst times
Times that happened
Times I want to happen
Time that ends
Times that began
Times where I had no more time
I had no more rhymes
To make a poem make sense
Hungry Nov 2020
I present to you my finest pieces
You show me yours
But I'm a sloth
I can't read
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