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May 2018 · 139
I saw the Light Returning
Siska Gregory May 2018
As I was driving down the road the other day, headlights switched right on
I realised what I saw… darkness… the inevitable truth
I cannot see the light, for it has gone, taken flight!
As I was wondering why so dark, I realised I was lost, lost in a world of blaming storms and oceans of terrible sadness
The gladness has faded… slowly away and away and further away it went
The more I thought about it, the more I saw of darkness turning into grasslands of frustrations rather than rivers of inspirations
With my head in my hands, sitting on the floor, I keep asking myself “where am i?”
“But no!” I said thinking out loud, talking to myself knowing that my path is destructive to everyone and everything in it
“How can this be all to life? My Life? I will not accept this fate!” and I made a conscious decision of revision, revising my life and the darkness that ruled it by day and by night
Pestering my thoughts, pounding away in my mind taking over my way of what I want my life to be about, I pushed it all away!
And slowly as the minutes, the hours and the days gone by, I saw the light returning
I grasped it fast with both arms and held it close for I can see again, breathe again and inspire and be inspired again
Oh the way I laugh today from relief and pure joy as my trouble have been let go!  
And let me tell you this my friend, worry no more for earthly things and blame yourself a little less or not at all at best
Appreciate the small special things and keep your eyes wide open for times are getting shorter and life more rewarding and extraordinary as you are
~Thank you for reading my story~
Thanks to my bf gf for inspiration
Apr 2018 · 109
Crying heart
Siska Gregory Apr 2018
My heart cries out to thee oh God, my fears ended up in tears.
The years have come and gone, taking my faith away for so long.
Trying to control it all myself, humanity took over my sanity and left me all alone.
Literally going from one thought to the other,  trying to save myself from pain.
I kept falling deeper and deeper, much further away from grace.
From deep within my heart I hear you calling: “Come unto Me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and i will give you rest”.
But my burdens are so heavy too much to bear, how can i walk to You without falling over every possible snare?
Then one day You came to me touching my heart with grace - oh my God my burdens were lifted and into your arms you raised me up, holding me close wiping my tears from my very eyes.
Its over and the battle is won! Grace has been restored beyond measure.
Faith is a substance of things not seen so keep holding onto yours until you see the glory of what it will bring.
To difficult times
Dec 2017 · 470
My pad, pad langs.........
Siska Gregory Dec 2017
So ver ek loop ruik ek die droogte, die son se gebak, maar ja  ek loop met gemak, al vinniger en vinniger die pad langs.
My droom het waar geword om n ver pad langs te stap en te gesels, met wie anders as met myself, die wind, die vertes en die mindere gebergtes.
Die wind waai om my heen, dit kreun en steun, maar dit leen my n tyd vir alleen wees in my gedagtes, ag daar is net geen klagtes.
Soos ek stap lag ek klip hard want my hart voel so vry, so vry soos die wind wat my verby kry.
Dan haal ek die wind weer in en sing n lied van blydskap teenoor my Heer, my dapper Held en stap Maat.
Soos die dae verby gaan en die vertes nader kom, verstom ek my aan my hart se gejubel van blydskap en geluk.
My hart is vry so ver soos die oog kan sien, ek loop in vreugde en gemak, dag na dag  in n natuur so hard maar tog so sag.
My hart smag na my liefde, die maat van my lewe, so ewe te vroeg weg gevat, maar stap, stap hy saam en ons hou net aan en aan tot ons weer by mekaar gaan staan in n veld van omhelsing en blye verwelkoming, hand aan hand net aan die Anderkant.
Ja my hart is vry so ver soos die oog kan bedui.....
Aan my liewe moeder wat n pad gestap het, hare drome waar geword het. Ek is baie lief vir mamma
Oct 2017 · 315
All in good time
Siska Gregory Oct 2017
DOWN the river she went, wishing she could see passed the bend. So much time spent on wondering where it went.
Happiness, aaah, it was in her grasp, but life sent a path leaving only memories behind.
Where to now, she wondered, where will the river take me?
The river had a voice alas it spoke and took her boat of life and guided her... to sill waters where peace is released.
All in good time the river said.
Have faith in life that chases away all your sorrows and flows back happiness, but all in good time. **
To a friend in need
Siska Gregory Oct 2017
What makes the heart to wonder? I wonder...
Walking through the streets of life, my life walks before me.
Before me stretched out is my life about to unfold the old and the new, the screws and the bruises, the weakness and the speechlessness of where i am and why I decided to take certain paths.
My heart takes a journey of wonder through the streets of my life, like a train flowing through a terrain of green pastures and mountain vastness.
Where will the tracks end, maybe just around the bend or maybe no end?
So my heart keeps wondering, wondering and listening to the glistening of joys to come on a path to vast and wonderful pastures of healing and belonging.
Aug 2017 · 183
Why time flies by...
Siska Gregory Aug 2017
As the sun was rising earlier today I looked at the sky and wondered why time flies by and where it goes and who might know...
Then i thought of my friends and wondered where time had gone and what was spent to get to now and realise yet that I don't get to choose what i want or want to loose, but I choose to say... right away that friends are meant to stay close by in our hearts always.
Jul 2017 · 375
Pushing away
Siska Gregory Jul 2017
Pushing others away is your way of saying "I'm okay in my own way".
Let me build a box around me letting someone in only when things are getting lonely or maybe when i need advice to carry on on my own.
Let me make a friend, getting to know her end to end just to let her be alone through time watching wondering where the friendships gone.
In a haze I'm amazed with a heavy heart to see our friendship falling apart, yet little glimpses of hope arises when I'm thanked for being the friend who sees and understands, who supports and comforts.
How am i to understand where i stand?
Just let me be and i shall feel a little better in the end i hope...
Jul 2017 · 386
Siska Gregory Jul 2017
So loop ek deur die strate van Paris en voel dadelik tuis;
Tuis soos in n vreemde wereld wat juis net vir my gemaak is.
Die outydse geboue wat vertel van jare terug, die noue strate wat ver af le amper verby more, die klasieke fietse met klokkies wat "trieng" in die verby gaan na ander plekke, ook die french brode wat jou vertel van vandag en die krag van twee hande wat gebruik is om die smaak in jou gedagtes te laat verdwaal, om n storie te vertel.
So loop ek deur die strate van Paris en voel dadelik bly;
Bly soos n kind wat haarself bevind in n lewe vol nuwe dinge, vol nuwe betekenisse soos n nuwe paar oe wat oop gaan om te sien en dan te verstaan.
Maar die lewe gaan aan met n lank terug en n more wat kom of n vandag wat verby gly na n elke dag;
Wat my vertel van n lewe van geluk en plesier om te geniet vandag, elke dag.
Mar 2017 · 616
One step at a time...
Siska Gregory Mar 2017
I crave the sound of silence, the feeling of healing in quietness. My soul longs for wide open spaces cause i want to see far, far beyond tomorrow and to follow the sunset till  yesterday disappears. I want to embrace myself and feel the wind blowing against my skin, within. Sitting on the ground, drawing pictures in the sand using my hands, i feel the heart of the earth with its warm embrace and i realise the feeling is worth it. As I'm Standing up, watching the distance closely, feeling freely and deeply, i take one step towards the future leaving footprints of time behind. For all are free to feel as deep as can be, to search for freedom of mind and to find that resting place to leave it all step at a time...
Feb 2017 · 287
Siska Gregory Feb 2017
With friendship nothing's ever done right to deserve it. Its really about the time, effort and love for the friend that makes it worth the while...
Jan 2017 · 293
Seeds of life
Siska Gregory Jan 2017
I planted a seed, dry, withered and without life. I watered it daily mainly to see dryness transform into life. What seemed like days, a miracle gave as desperation pushed forth from under the ground and creation gave life to a dead seed in need. Green, fresh and blessed, the seed jumped for joy as the first drop of water touched the ground, making strife no more a way of life. As it's little head lifts up toward heaven thanking God the creator for life given, I realise the importance of faith. For safe in the arms of the Creator my life became worthy, worthy of jumping for joy as I lift up my head towards heaven. I have been given a blessing, the water of life taking away all strife from my life.
I thank God for His many blessing in my life
Jan 2017 · 245
My country
Siska Gregory Jan 2017
Being proud of ones country means accepting its faults and failures. Also shedding a tear for those in pain and being thankful for what we have….
Jan 2017 · 395
Unexplainable love
Siska Gregory Jan 2017
Love is not to be explained, but if it could be it's all to be explained through you my love...
Jan 2017 · 238
Siska Gregory Jan 2017
Once you believe in something you base your life on certain values and you live by them
Jan 2017 · 286
Siska Gregory Jan 2017
Though miles apart and strangers to each other our hearts are connected with so much care, love and sistership. The day we meet will be glorious indeed…
Jan 2017 · 228
Points of View
Siska Gregory Jan 2017
We never realise how much we see until we talk about it. This way we get to see the world through someone else's eyes...
Created by two best friends... dim and sis (moo and skapie)
Jan 2017 · 312
Rocking chair
Siska Gregory Jan 2017
As i sit in my very old rocking chair thinking here and there, i try to imagine the history of the one who made the chair.
Cutting here and sanding there, rocking too and fro. I try to imagine the long befores, maybe long before i was born how people sat in the very same chair rocking far away.
And as the years slipped by time just flew, just flew so far away. My mind takes me there, far far away to the one who made the chair...rock.
Jan 2017 · 408
A new day dawns
Siska Gregory Jan 2017
Tomorrow a new day dawns. A new path i must walk. Away from familiarity and similarity, away from what i know to what i don't. I ask myself the question, "why so scared of a path that's been chosen for a reason"? "I don't know" i should say. Maybe cause getting away from today seems more intimidating than keeping it together with yesterday. Strength of heart will prevail all darts of fear. It will be okay not to stay. It will be okay to walk away into a new day.
Jan 2017 · 197
Siska Gregory Jan 2017
Softly the rain falls today. It's telling a story of glorious days to come or maybe saying "I'm washing away grays for days or feeding the needy and yes the greedy, I'm saving lives and giving back life to those most in need". As drops of water touches the earth replenishing thirsty hearts, Life returns to thankful souls, not wet with tears of sadness, but yet rather of gladness.
Jan 2017 · 675
Siska Gregory Jan 2017
Friends can see into other dimensions where their friends are lost in and hold them close until they find their way back to earth.
To friends
Dec 2016 · 1.6k
Vlaktes van gedagtes…
Siska Gregory Dec 2016
Jare van hartseer, jare van pyn.
Eendag sal dit verdwyn en die lewe sal wees ja, makliker om te leef.
Dag vir dag stap ons deur die woude van gedagtes en *** ons dan herrinder word deur die vlaktes van daai gedagtes.
Dan onthou ons die goeie ou dae van vreugde en menigte liefde en so verander ons dag na dag ons lewens van hartseer vlaktes na wonderlike gedagtes. 2016/01/05
I miss you...
Dec 2016 · 189
Siska Gregory Dec 2016
Sometimes I wonder at life…
The grandeur, the splendor, the tender loving care it’s given like the rain that falls, the sun that glows, the wind that blows.
The sea that rolls, the moon that decides the tides, the rivers that flows from mountains to rocks which ends up down in the valley with so many others who depends there on.
All in all there is a cycle to life that’s vital to all big or small we cannot run away from it…
Meaning life is a beautiful way of showing kindness to all, the man on the street, the bird catching the seed or just helping someone in need.
Sometimes we need to be thankful for life even with bumps and dumps; we are alive to strive for yet another day. 2016/01/26
Dec 2016 · 700
n Moeder…
Siska Gregory Dec 2016
n Moeder het ek al gedink is  wonderlikste skepping op arde.
Sy vermaan, verstaan en dan bestaan net oral en die hele tyd gereed om te vergeet wat ek altyd verkeerd doen.
Sy othou die goeie met soveel soenne en drukkies en help altyd met die en met daaitjies.
Haar hart is skoon en woon in n plek wat my hart genoem word en sal altyd myne bly. 2016/01/09
To the best momy ever...
Dec 2016 · 1.5k
My sussie se gebed…
Siska Gregory Dec 2016
Here gee my krag elke dag.
My pyn wil nie verdwyn.
My hart raak swaar want die jaar is net nog een van baie waar ek uit roep na U om hulp.
U genade is groot en ek glo dat U n plan berade het om my pyn te laat verdwyn.
My lewe is in U hande en ek weet U sal my bande los maak en my vry laat loop oop in n lewe van liefde en vrede.
*** wonderlik die oomblik van geen pyn, my gebede beantwoord en die pyn het verdwyn volmaak aan geraak en geseen deur n genesende hand van bo.
Be as strong as you always are. God knows best
Dec 2016 · 882
My hero…
Siska Gregory Dec 2016
Tot die dood ons skei… so berei ek my toe voor… vir n lewe saam met jou my ou, jy is my hero.
Jy is my alles en dit sal jy altyd wees.
Jy is my steun pillar, my altyd daarm my lewe en my vreugde.
Vir my is jy n vriend wat net die beste verdien.
Jy is sterk, gevestig in jou werk om vir my te gee vir wat ek altyd nodig sal kry.
Jy is my krag en ek weet ek verwag altyd te veel van jou, maar tog spog ek met n man van staal.
My hero, die ou vir wie ek lief is…
Dis jy… en vir my sal jy vir ewig en vir altyd bly. 2016/01/19
To my hero... i love you always
Dec 2016 · 624
Siska Gregory Dec 2016
Drome is gemaak om n lang nag interesant te maak.
Dis n sprokies verhaal van goeie dinge of selfs die slegte.
Van kastele en weelde, n lewe vele meer voor sal soek of selfs drome van cowboys en crooks met perde wat gallop op en af die berge, opsoek na diamante en gewere.
Dan is daar die nagmerries wat mens se hare laat rys, n skrik en n gesnik en wakker voor die wekker en n gewonder wat sopas gebeur het!
n Droom kan beloon, n droom kan verloon, n droom kan waarheid word dit hang af *** jy voel.
Egter klein bietjie raad van n nuwe jaar se digter… droom n droom, leef die oomblik met of sonder die donker nag, want n ware droom is oomblik van waarheid waaruit jy jou kastele kan bou in n ware sprokiesland vandag. 2016/01/26
Dec 2016 · 653
Die velde…
Siska Gregory Dec 2016
Die velde en berge le honderde myle ver, oop tot by die horison.
Al wat ek sien is gras, klippe en bome, en drome van n lewe so vry ver in die valley, groen van reen en geen besoedeling van die besige lewe so ewe of dit al is wat ons het…
Die vlaktes bring my gedagtes na n rustigheid.
Ek kan ver sien so asof ek my lewe kan sien, die rustigheid wat dit verdien.
Ek sien die klein dingetjies raak soos die veldblomme wat blom met n glimlag dag na dag, n lady bug op die tak, die springkaan op die blaar, die miere wat trots hulle kos by mekaar maak vir swaar dae.
Doudruppels vroeg oggend net so na die sonsopkoms…
Dan voel ek dankbaar, dankbaar vir n lewe wat gegee is sonder vrae
Danbaarheid vir n Skepper van mens en natuur. 2016/01/24
Dec 2016 · 524
Die Goddelike wind…
Siska Gregory Dec 2016
Daar is n lieflike gevoel in die wind.
n Gevoel wat bind, n gevoel wat sink, sink diep in n mens se hart in.
Hy praat met n mens soos n boek, n bladsy wat vertel van die Goddelike wind...
So gaan die pad voor mens oop en raak gou vol hoop van goeie dinge wat voorle.
En so verlang mens dan na iemand, iemand ver, ver weg en seg in jou hart:
“Die lewe is soos die wind, die Goddelike wind wat verbind van een hart na n ander”.
Want die waai deur mens se hare, die gevoel van koel, maar warm teen mens se wange en die verwaai van gras op plaas paaie is wat ek noem die Goddelike wind, wat bind… van een hart na n ander. 2016/01/21
Inspired by my dear are the best
Dec 2016 · 589
Cow and a sheep...
Siska Gregory Dec 2016
There's a cow and a sheep grazing in the street.
One goes moo and the other goes bleep.
One says waar en die ander says daar...
Die een se sys gaar en die ander se sys naar.
So waar is die bazaar?
Far from here and ver from klaar cause its just another talk, but totally worth the walk... between a cow and n sheep grazing in the street...2016-09-15
Fun times
Dec 2016 · 321
Breath of life....
Siska Gregory Dec 2016
To take a breath of air filling your lungs could be compared with opening your eyes and realize they can see the beauty of today, yet another day.
To breathe the sunrise, to exhale the day, to inhale the sunset, to feel the warmth of another set of hours just gone by.
To breathe the smell of fresh rain today or the smell of fresh herbs in a garden-way could be compared with a heart filled with love and faith. For nothing else can prepare a heart as much as a breath of life taken to lighten your day, today, everyday. 2016
Dec 2016 · 819
Ons avontuur...
Siska Gregory Dec 2016
So word ons wakker in ons tent en dit reen...aggenee!! Maar dis koel en ons voel gelukkig.
Ek is vuil, so amper dat ek wil huil, maar huil van lekker soos n krekker want dis vakansie tyd!!
My hare is so waar deur mekaar, maar wat maak dit saak want niks gaan my keer om vir n gogga te wys *** deur mekaar ek rerig kan weesie...
Tanne geborsel en room half gesmeer, laat die dag begin want dis ons en ons ford bakkie die keer...alweer...
Kies n rigting en so voeter ons daarin...
Saans kom ons by die kamp moeg geploeg die bosse in om nou rustig te raak met n koeldrank in ons hand.
Dan word n vuurtjie gemaak deur die braafste ou ini land om n vleisie te braai vir die fraaiste meisie, hand aan hand.
Mens voel gou dankbaar vir klein dingetjies soos n stort... n warme een, die oop velde of selfs die digte bosse, die veld blommetjies so geel of die gras so lank en groen, die voels so mooi volle kleurrig en die jakkals so skaam maar nuuskirig.
En wanneer dit donker word le daar baie voor soos die uile se geluide, die sonbesies wat hulle vlerkies saam klap of dalk n hihena wat na oorskied kom krap.
So geniet ons die bos vol avontuur gepos net vir ons en ons se dankie aan ons Skepper vir n skepping net vir ons. 2016/03/14
To best times...together
Dec 2016 · 1.9k
Ek is jou fan...
Siska Gregory Dec 2016
Wanneer n mens jou gedagtes laat dwaal, oor die jarre laat verdwaal dan besef mens weereens die wonderwerke van mense.
Mense wat sterk is, sterker as wat ek is.
Mense wat wense laat waar word, soos in n storie lyn waar alle hartseer verdwyn.
Dan is daar n spesifieke mens wat ek die beste voor wens.
Wat my elke dag laat weet dat pyn mens nie kan terug hou van n lewe vol lewe en geluk nie.
n Ware punt van krag, wat regtig niks terug verwag behalwe die omgee en die liefde van n mens wat niks het om terug te gee behalwe n dankbare hart nie.
Jy is my beste maat, my nooit verlaat, my buddy en my sussie.
Ek is jou grootste fan dall. Beslis is jy alles en meer waarvoor ek kon wens en sal jou altyd lief he en trots wees op jou.  2016-04-16
To my best friend and sister... You mean the world to me
Dec 2016 · 221
My heart hurts...
Siska Gregory Dec 2016
So I wondered to myself how it got to this...
The hello, no sleep tight alright, whats for dina or where you been dear... It's all gone, we both walked on.
Our lives been split, we met, we parted, we forgot the part where we been friends, where we meant something to the other for a little while. No bother, just another day have passed and life has happened. We adapted and soon we will forget the times we spent being friends, laughing out loud, being proud and being sisters from different mothers.
My heart hurts, my mind can't find a reason to say it's okay, but one day all will be well and Bells my friend we might meet again so until then ciao for now... 2016/02/09
Dec 2016 · 396
Siska Gregory Dec 2016
Die krag van krag is onverwags, maar prag wanneer jy dit minste verwag.
Wat is krag?
Dis n gevoel van mag, van laat gaan en niks terug verwag, maar tog so in beheer van meer as net my gevoelens, wel ja min of meer.
Dit gee my die wil om te wil, of om nie te wil as ek niks het om oor te wil, of om n verskil te maak in tye van onware naar, ja dit is so waar. Krag kan verskeur of verrineweer sonder goeie beheer, maar met n wil van krag het krag n mag om net goed te verwag...hou dit vas of laat dit gaan solank jy een ding verstaan dat sonder krag moet jy geen krag terug verwag. 2016
Dec 2016 · 1.0k
Nog n jaar...
Siska Gregory Dec 2016
Nog n jaar is verby, waar gaan die tyd dan heen?
Ek was klein en toe verdwyn n paar jaar.
Toe is ek groot en het skoon vergeet van dinge wat verby is.
Ywerig om groot mens te wees was alles tevergeefs want nou dat ek is, wens ek vir n lewens rewind in my mind, om alles weer van voor af te beleef soos gegee was aan my voor die groot mens wees wens. Dankbaar vir genade van bo vir n lewe so groot en ryk vol pragtige mense en wense.
So se ek dan dankie, dankie vir klein en groot, vir die hulpende hande in my lewens boot vir nog n jaar wat sowaar verby is. 2016-08-14
Dec 2016 · 221
To friendship…
Siska Gregory Dec 2016
It was once was said that “a friend in need is a friend in deed” so very true I do believe…
Let me add to the fact that a friend not just in need, but one to always see a good deed is worth spending time with.
To make a friend and a good one at that is hard to start, but to keep them forever in your heart is smart indeed.
A friend who cares, a friend who shares, a friend who gives their time unawares and dares to walk next to the other, side by side to help and to guide and of course then to glide through a world of imaginary sights…together.
From silent walks in the sun to maybe too much talks around fun, an understanding is reached that a true friend found is a breach from generalities to lovely bubbles of friendship memories
Siska Gregory
Dec 2016 · 1.6k
Die fluister van my hart...
Siska Gregory Dec 2016
Die fluister van my hart...
Ek raak stil en luister *** fluister my hart.
Die liggiese geklop in my keel maak my bly oor die lewe wat ek voel. Myne praat van die ope lug so blou, ek hou dit vas, en van die wind wat vry waai sonder om toestemming hoef te vra.
Van die son wat vroeg oggend goud op kom met die begin van nog n nuwe dag, wat warm bak teen jou rug as jy dit die minste verwag.
Van harde hande werk in die kombuis na die tuin wat vra vir bietjie liefde en gesels.
So is die lewe vol lewe, vol kere vir lekker lag.
Ja dit gee mens krag om die mooi te sien, in elke dag. 2016-11-28

— The End —