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a silent chaos Feb 2021
Such a soothing happy ending
I just wished it's ours.
a silent chaos Jan 2021
When I told you I am leaving,
I do hope you realize.
All the words I can't speak of, I sing.
So they are to lull a bye.
a silent chaos Jan 2021
I paused,
to take a break
but why did you stop.
a silent chaos Jan 2021
You are made of
a never ending chain of souls
of the people you've given your
every inch with.
a silent chaos Nov 2020
so less for more—
soulless for mourn.
a silent chaos Nov 2020
Once near, I knew the destination — nowhere.
Of thoughts? Along the lost pavement
Am I? I ask, right now, may where.

Knew the destination I once nowhere near
Along the pavement of lost thoughts
Ask where I may now. Am I right?

Nowhere near the destination I once knew
Lost along the pavement of thoughts
May I ask, where am I right now?
a silent chaos Nov 2020
For the day I can write again.
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