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a silent chaos Jul 2018
I guess,

silence is the loudest scream
you'll ever hear.

silence is the greatest chaos
you'll ever see.

silence is the most painful feeling
you'll ever bear.


Silence is the most frightening
voidness you'll ever be trapped into.
Will you be able to get out? Or will you be blind? Will you be deaf? Or will you be numb?
a silent chaos May 2018
Why would someone want to kiss the moon when she already have the sun?

Because she doesn't want the perfect that will give her everything, rather, she wanted a flaw that will ignite her gloomy nights.
a silent chaos May 2018
I know
you hold
the world
of truth

I can
see it
each gaze

with tears
but still
on what
it really
a silent chaos May 2018
I know
you hold
the world
of truth

I can
feel it
each gaze

a hint
of what
the universe
may be
giving endless
casts of
a silent chaos Nov 2018
I know
you hold
the world
of truth

I can
hear it
each gaze

the thunder
hidden inside
with the
that ignites
the way you shine,
does it mean, you'll fade?
a silent chaos May 2018
she used to be fine
but I don't know what happened
she gave up in life.
a silent chaos Nov 2018
Loving you is life,
loving you is having you
loving you is the beginnings
loving you is the cold
loving you is fire
loving you is the storm
loving you is vibrant colors
loving you is gloomy nights
loving you is everydays of joy
loving you is sadness together
loving you is being simple
loving you is a flaw
loving you is noticing the unnoticeable
loving you is loving you nonetheless
loving you is wanting to see a smile
loving you is the mood
loving you is looking forward
loving you is a glimpse of the past
loving you is an uphill
loving you is feeling down
loving you is an adventure
loving you is unexpected
loving you is pain
loving you is mended wounds
loving you is believing
loving you is broken trust
loving you was a journey,
loving you was life.
a silent chaos May 2018
Let's give the world a try
Look up, give the day a smile
Touch the passing hours
With a curt but smooth remark
Share gazes between each leaps
Kiss every departure goodbyes
But let's do it in parallel lines
Is pain considered a drug when you keep coming back for it? For more?
And suddenly,
I'm so tired of being just okay.
a silent chaos Jun 2018
The moment I felt like crying,
he looked at me
and without a word,
he smiled,
he made me laugh,
But I cried more.
For I know better
that he feels the pain
but chose to make
me see the bright
to spare me for
the night.
Today, I realized that being strong is being weak just deep inside. And at some point, a smile is actually a feeling.
a silent chaos May 2018
true, I was all right
false, I was never at fault
neither, have I told?
is one hell of a sharp knife tonight.
It's killing m-
a silent chaos Dec 2018
Why is it so hard to believe you?

— The End —