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Siena Marilyn Jan 2015
“Hold on!”––
but it’s running everywhere.
Like I stabbed the center
of an inky squid. Or, rather
I just gripped the pen
too tight
that I suffocated it,
with everything I ever asked it to say.
Lenny loved it too much,
so did I. I guess it’s just the same.
It died
in my wanting hands.

So, the salt, and the water, and the ink
now run together as
I drag my hands through the ******
mess. I drown it all,
what I’d said–
Dead is yesterday.
The blood runs down
my arm and misses the sink:
on the counter
on the floor.
just a minute.”

I have to wash the blue from my hands.
Siena Marilyn Apr 2014
I wake to the sun falling down on its face again
As the night comes back to end it all,
The night comes back to end it all.
The darkness makes this room seem gray
And suddenly the sound slips, falls away,
And then I’m left with the noise and all
My skin bleeds sweat as it crawls–
My fingers rusted red
Because I can’t take this silence again,
Silent cries, silent nights,
Silent tears, silent fights.
I wish I could break this silence away,
I wish without her I could feel okay–
Without her I can’t feel, okay.
And here we lie on either side
A line away I have to stay
A thousand miles
Let silence dance,
Let silence play
Where once I dreamed
And all that seemed too perfect for me
Are walls of memories burning,
And the flames make fall–it all.
It all falls around me now,
The walls fall,
Watch them crash on me.
Where am I now?
A mess of smoke, of gray,
No more flames,
They’ve left me now to feel alone,
They’ve gone somewhere
They’ve gone away.
Just me now, but all I see
Is all this heavy gray–
It stifles and stays: A void,
Away she stays.
I stay, a void.
I stay, a void.
I stay, I wait
For silence to suffocate itself
Siena Marilyn Jan 2014
One day with courage I asked her if she loved me.
I held quiet the sound of my singing heart
So soon I could hear what she’d say.
One day with courage I gave her everything I owned.
Stripped clean my bones of young flesh still red
So then she’d know for her, I’d let it all go.
One day with courage I held close her hand
To tie her to a world we made but her mind spun
And her hair took flight in autumn,
And fell with the leaves in the wind.
Her skin shown limpid and grey,
Circles danced beneath her eyes.
I held her hand still anyway–one day I had courage
And held my heart quiet
For words I’d hope she’d speak.
But even time unwinds,
All things do,
They still and die,
Circle then fall,
Make grey the sky.
But that day I had courage,
And upon her fingers I kissed
Each reason she gave me–
All her love, my tender bliss.
And then,
I let her go.
Siena Marilyn Apr 2013
It was a star–bright. The first star I saw tonight,
May I wish, and wish that I might
Have I the eyes I had that night.
When May had come, and was in the air
The smell of you was all that I cared.
When I saw you there, and you were all
That I cared. They were–but you were. All I saw
That night, I in my dress, was you standing there.
That night, when I wanted nothing more than to be where
You were.

It was a star–bright. The first star I saw tonight,
May I wish, and wish that I might
Forget the pain that I felt that night.
In March that came the day when
Time was against us–yet again.
When I saw you there and you were
All that I cared when that night occurred.
Yes, my love, you were all that I cared, but
I listened to reason and not my gut
That night, with my roses, when I saw you there.
That night, when emptiness replaced the space where
You were.

It was a star–bright. The first star I saw tonight,
May I wish, and wish that I might
One day live these moments I see tonight.
In June I see, and it's just you and me
In that picture of us that sits on the
Table by our bed where we lie. And I feel
Your touch–it's all that I care. It's real,
Now I feel you with me–it's all that I care.
You're with me here, no more to go anywhere.
That night, someday, I'll see you there.
That night I'll be there. I'll be where
You are.
Siena Marilyn Apr 2013
in my car I ride
past a place out there
where I remember once thinking
of the blooming spring,
that was the day–
yes I remember that day
clearly now when it was
five o'clock and I bought you a
birthday card that I never gave you,
remember–you don't but still I remember
today and tomorrow–
and when it was real
because it was this day, this place, this time
and spring–
and spring makes me remember,
remember you.
Siena Marilyn Apr 2013
7:22 AM
she enters
she smiles
she sits
she nods
she listens
she smiles
she stands
she leaves
she cries.
7:25 AM
Siena Marilyn Apr 2013
Somewhere between then
And now, we've put up a wall.
And way back when were were only ten,
I never thought that we could fall
Like this. Yeah, back when were were
Only ten, I thought that our friendship
Would never end. But now, we're
Here–and you are there, standing on the tip
Of never again: the moments shared,
Secrets kept, games played, adventures–just
You and me. Please understand, I was only scared.
Cause even now, you're still the only one I trust,
Though now it feels we've become estranged.
The wall is between us, and I can't help but feel
That everything now is forever changed,
And I can't live with that, or believe its real.
What am I saying...
Only what I feel.
Some dreams are meant to die.
Some days are meant to end.
Some lives are lived asking why,
While some only ask for a friend.
And after all this, I find only one thing left to say:
Some walls are meant to be broken,
Like the one I built with you.
I remember we said forever,
And so forever must be true.
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