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Sseruwo Jovan Jul 2020
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Sseruwo Jovan Jul 2020
I got nothing on me
I got no any more time
My life really dwells next to the grave
I'm dieing and freezing
My soul moves up and down
Yet my body stays in station
I see a dark hole

I'm running insane day by day
My life preaches sorrow in my day
My days are out numbered
I think I lived a life of misery
Never found love
Neither wealth
I'm I sick
Sseruwo Jovan Jul 2020
She's the light                                  β™₯️                                          
She walks me through life                              
She keeps an eye on me                 β™₯️                              
The moves all I do it's hers                              
She's so calm                                    β™₯️                            
Promise you won't forget me
Neither will I forget you.                  β™₯️
I will fight for your love always
My main stroke.                                 β™₯️
Me and you look like a mission
You wipe me out of the stress        β™₯️
I like the presets of your beauty
It's all about you that I'm always on β™₯️
You my way
My shadow through the raindrops    β™₯️
You the one for me
Sseruwo Jovan Jul 2020
I'm loving and I'm looking at the darkness
My light in it I call the darkness
My whole way is full of soot
I'm always living with the devil
And my life is always curled with the devil
I was passed out like the pastry
I will live a mysterious way
If I get my way to life
I'm always acquainted with the good people
Myself I failed to lament in their sorrow
My thoughts are always here breaking up
They told me "always keep a heart"
And that's what I have done
I have kept an unclean heart
With all jealous, mean and devoured love
Haven't I kept one?
I never broke my promise
Since I have kept the heart so gracious
My spotlight is blurry and black
Because I myself I'm a darkened body
The blood I host is all black
Then why mightn't I be bold with the devil
Because it's him that robbed my heart
And he is my best friend
Now Fineβ™₯️
Sseruwo Jovan Jul 2020
I live a life of misery
I live a life of hunger
I live a life of torture
Too many demons are stuck in my brain
Too many problems are stuck in my life
I live a life of depression
I live through a long maze
My life!!! as always I say
I am always tormented
I want to go to home
The sky is my dear home
Where I will find no torture
No more tireless work
No more starving
Only peace that I want
All along I found and searched for happiness
Which I found for the least time
I never had a look at my family
My pure sobs will continue
If I still live in the maze
My naughty thoughts
They are all about a depression
We are depressed and no one can help out
For the short life I have lived I am imperfect
My soul gets tormented each day
I lost my love for everything
I lost my love for everyone
All I seek for is death
Its death that I'm pushed to
It's death where we all find our peace
My head roams at night because of this unhappy life
Peace is all I lost
My life is one of wastage
A wastage in time, and everything life gives and takes
Why may I continue my life
When I still live this kind of life
Just immature in diet
Sseruwo Jovan Jul 2020
Still in these dreams
Can't think and my mind, going bad
It's still stale and you know that
The good time
All fades away by day
It all seems was the east, west sunset
**** the dust we moved through to meet
Patience most all to fares we paid to meet
The most to the time we looked up
Then the nice spices and aromas
Did you forget all this?
Now baby you still nag me
Still running from your love
Sipping the drugs like I'm with you
And all you did best was to break my bones
We now different in so different worlds
Pain I do feel in my upper heart
Where I had stored your calm heart
Now you stole it away, mercilessly
That's the fair pain you left me with
All I got now for loving you
Wish I ran away from your fateful love
Now you looking for evidence
Oh my super hate
Still creaving
Now I lost it
Before we both cute and handsome
You had a lot now it's ashame
Can't afford you again
What about what we promised either part
The evening grass walk..
Hmm...I think you get that
Now I'm walking to the scaffold
Your unfair love ❀️
Has cut my attention, affection,
Now I'm gone
Just eligible
Sseruwo Jovan Jul 2020
If I'm on these drugs
Girl, why can't you forsake me
Take me deep to your heart and shelter me
I know your shadow lives in me
We are all meant to be
Girl, why don't you take me too deep
I'm doing an overdose
Girl, because of you
I think I'm running insane----of you
If I'm to die, swear it's you
To take away my breathe
I know we all wrong but to me you are not
Crush my life into Cupid's
I think he has hit his target in me
I have written your name on every leaf
Can't you see how generous I am!
Why aren't you generous?
All my trust is in you
My Deity is in you
Your my heart line
You pump my thoughts up and down
When you smile I make it loud
And when you laugh
I'm so anxious
Don't make them butterflies leave me for long
You are my life countdown
You are making me silly
So unconscious
My conscience is too high
Don't make me fight again
I'm already fighting for your love
I'm speaking out at will
You took my soul
And you made me so anxious
My anxiety the size of a planet
You are my purpose
But in me I don't see the purpose
You are going to be my death
I swear if you deny this
I figured you out, sure I'm not siking
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