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Shawn Adams Oct 2017
Perfect love discarded like the ashes of a fallen friend
My greed has led me down this path
This dark and unknown road
My heart has deceived me once again
If I could go back
If I could rewind
I'd have control
I'd keep what was once
Shawn Adams Sep 2017
Her house was right in the center of town
Between a church and a flower shop
I must have drove right passed her a thousand times
But some summer day came
We collided
Our lives crashed together
Chaos in the midst of hurricanes
A smile arose out of the concrete sadness
The faint sound of laughter in the distance
A lover's stare
A formidable opponent for the comfortable and known
A curiosity corrupts my tainted soul
We smoke together
Laugh together
Eat together
Work together
Bleed together
Runaways in no particular direction
A sacred uncontrollable
Shawn Adams Sep 2017
From a life
Pathway procrastinator
Advanced destruction
Psychological decimation
Can I ever come back from this?
Started with a glance
Lust envelopes the both of us
Unjust love
Infection no medicated protection
We become our obsession
Quickly regressing
Life to the point of tears
Shawn Adams Aug 2017
I was drying out,  dying in the monotonous desert of time
I would rather sleep than breathe
Hollowed out chest an empty caress
A blessing I could not appreciate
The storm struck without warning
As I leaned over the edge staring into the unstoppable fury of this blue eyed sweet natural disaster
I surrendered to her
And she took me into a new reality
But what becomes of those I leave behind?
What becomes of my new found soul
A new love
Shawn Adams Aug 2017
I'm up before the sun chases all the stars away
Overwhelmed by all the vows that I must break
My arrogance and greed have brought me to this day of great deceit
But what now of the karma I must reap?
She looks at me like someone from another time
Like I've slipped through the cracks of my other life
Narrow my focus now to her
But what becomes of all the hurt?
I'm not ready to decide I'd rather just sleep and hide I cannot stop my mind from lying
I try to steady my hand as I pen this plan, but I just scribble out demands ******* I'm trying
Who am I kidding?  I asked for all of this with a grin,  each and every little sin,  it's better if she knows that I am not worth a single tear,  not one for a single year of this decade we'd built together.
Shawn Adams Aug 2017
I'm struggling to place the faces where and when they're supposed to be
But is it up to me?
I don't know anymore
We ran right into this
And everyone is waiting
To see how it all will end
I'm no better than you
You're no better for me
Stealing moments away
Through the cracks in eternity
Shawn Adams Aug 2017
I can clean all the dirt off
You can pull out the weeds
Some flowers will grow
In the places we see
But I can't help but feel
That none of this is real
Say nothing
It's better to let the silence comfort us in times of uncertainty
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