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5d · 178
Written Letters
So sad will be the days
when people don’t write letters
with pen and paper anymore

The beauty of hand-written words
and uniqueness of style in script
will be eroded to the core

The warmth and human closeness
of letters scripted by the hand
will slowly cease to exist

For they will be replaced
by the uncaring coldness
of set types of the computing beast
5d · 102
Crow on Antenna
He was perched high up in the air,
Sitting on an antenna there,
Amidst a soothing summer's breeze,
Distant from future winter's freeze;

He was cleaning himself calmly,
With half-spread wings uncaringly,
Then smoothing all his feathers down,
Looked around with a birdie frown;

I wondered what his thoughts were,
Was he scanning the scene for her?
Outlined he was in bright sunlight,
And then - he flew away from sight.
a bird poem
7d · 10
I, Easter Bunny
You will see me only once a year,
When I come to spread some Easter cheer,
You won’t really know where I’ll be bound,
For I hop around without a sound.

I will be bringing some gifts for you,
Sweets, caramel and chocolates too,
Unlike yellow chicks and coloured eggs,
You will know me by my ears and legs.
watch out for me!!
Apr 3 · 220
Elfin Land
Shaun Yee Apr 3
If you have some free time,
You can come with me,
I’ll take you to a tiny glen,
Behind an aging tree.

We will follow a stream,
Hidden in a valley,
And we can find the little men,
If we are really lucky.

‘Tis said they don’t exist,
That it’s a fairy tale,
But I have really seen them,
They are fast and small and pale.

So when the time is right,
You can come with me,
And we will go to Elfin land,
Behind an aging tree.
I have a love for elves, fairies, witches , and all things mystic  !!
Apr 3 · 32
Shaun Yee Apr 3
When temper is held in check,
Fights and quarrels lose pretext
Peace and harmony remain intact
Apr 2 · 41
I, Goose
Shaun Yee Apr 2
I am a gooze,
A perfect watchdog,
Or call me a watchbird
for I don’t fear anyone,
as you have probably heard;

I can run as fast as you,
and bite more painful too,
So if you invade my ground,
Remember you’ve been warned,
I’m fiercer than the hound.
from my "I" series
Apr 2 · 35
I, Frog
Shaun Yee Apr 2
I really wish I could sing,
Like some TV starry bloke,
I’d tried  many, many times,
But all I can do is croak,

There is one thing I do well,
That will give you some goose bumps,
When I have to travel far,
You’d admire all my jumps.
from my "I" series
Apr 2 · 10
I, Dolphin
Shaun Yee Apr 2
I wear a permanent smile,
So when you see my friendly face,
You’ll think I’m always laughing,
But that’s typical of my race.

I’ll show my aquatic skill,
Jumping way up into the air,
Doing flips and spins and turns,
With a natural actor’s flair.

I socialise well with man,
In water I am his best friend,
so if we should meet at sea,
a friendly wave to you I’ll send.
from my "I" Series
Mar 29 · 21
Shaun Yee Mar 29
Weather getting hot
Shops selling out of swimwear
Seasides getting packed
Mar 29 · 145
Breaking News
Shaun Yee Mar 29
Never was it this way before,
Spreading news in daily’s store,
Telling the truth was duty’s call,
News were gladly shared by all.

Today the scene is very changed,
Many news are now deranged,
For lies have joined the info game,
News reports are not the same.

All the news that are fed to us,
We just cannot fully trust,
The breaking news for goodness’ sake,
We don’t know if true or fake.
Mar 28 · 43
Shaun Yee Mar 28
Humility is not weakness
There is no shame to be humble
It’s just a sign of acceptance
Mar 28 · 22
Lack of Common Sense
Shaun Yee Mar 28
It is always disconcerting,
How some people can simply make,
Thoughts and actions so plainly dense,
And one gets really lost for words,
For actions lacking common sense.
Mar 24 · 357
Shaun Yee Mar 24
The seven-forty leaves from platform one,
I see people rushing round like mad,
The train does not wait for anyone,
If you miss it then that is just too bad.
Mar 22 · 47
Shaun Yee Mar 22
Hot summer days here
Light cotton clothing to wear
Ice cream or iced tea
Mar 22 · 41
Shaun Yee Mar 22
Cool awakening
Flowers blooming all over
Where are all the birds
Mar 20 · 158
Knowledge Flight
Shaun Yee Mar 20
Birds and insects can fly so well,
Animals and humans cannot,
Flying is a physical act,
Wings for humans Nature forgot.
There is another way to fly
And mental process is the game,
With an abundance of Knowledge,
Our minds can fly all the same.
Mar 16 · 25
Shaun Yee Mar 16
Humour is the fun side of life,
And a daily generous slice,
Will squash most suffering and  strife,
It's free for all without a price.

Sad is the one who knows it not,
He will be stuck in misery,
For the mind needs a balanced plot,
To maintain it fresh and cheery,

So open up and see the joke,
Laugh and enjoy the funny side,
Give your gloominess a hard  poke,
Don't let your humour be denied. .
Mar 16 · 30
The Search
Shaun Yee Mar 16
I keep treading the lonely paths,
Where all signposts are vague or worn,
Hoping to find that mystic place,
Where truths and destinies are born.

The paths are too faint and many,
Like wide-spread branches in a tree,
And it would be a miracle,
To find the correct path for me.

For now I just keep plodding on,
til l find the answers at last,
Then I can rest my wearied bones,
When no more far-off dreams are cast.
Mar 14 · 20
Shaun Yee Mar 14
The waves race to shore
Undercurrents strong and fierce
No swimming today
Mar 14 · 57
Shaun Yee Mar 14
Dense as it can be
Nothing can we really see
Better wait awhile
Mar 14 · 54
Dark Clouds
Shaun Yee Mar 14
Dark clouds gathering
The sky slowly turning black
Picnics are cancelled
Mar 13 · 43
One Lovely Morning
Shaun Yee Mar 13
One lovely morning in June at dawn,
A songbird awoke me with his song,
His music filtered into my mind,
Telling me to leave my cares behind.

After breakfast in the yard outside,
The squirrel was trying not to hide,
With the nut that he had found from me,
Left the night before under his tree.

Just two of nature’s simplest creatures,
They formed my morning’s shining features,
Gently did they set myself aglow,
I wondered what other joys would show.
nature's joys
Mar 12 · 152
Shaun Yee Mar 12
Glistening pearls of water drops,
Gathered early hours at dawn,
Perkily perched on flowers and leaves,
And like a damp blanket on the lawn,
Freshness fills the morning air,
Which will fade with the rising sun,
For when heat rays are razing on,
The fragile dewdrops’ lives are done.
Mar 12 · 1.1k
Save and Delete
Shaun Yee Mar 12
I will always remember,
As long as my mind is well,
To save things soft and tender,
Joyful stories I can tell.

I will learn to leave behind,
Unpleasantries to forget,
To delete them from my mind,
Tales of sadness and regret.
Mar 10 · 57
Love and Hatred
Shaun Yee Mar 10
Just a slight attempt to love,
Outweighs all actions to hate,
Love is the Heavenly soul,
Hatred leads to the Devil’s gate.
And one must choose his fate.
Mar 10 · 26
House Mouse
Shaun Yee Mar 10
Small and running fast
The house mouse is on the prowl
Cheese must be somewhere
Mar 10 · 55
Knowledge Flight
Shaun Yee Mar 10
Birds and insects can fly so well,
Animals and humans cannot,
Flying is a physical act,
Wings for humans Nature forgot.

There is another way to fly
And mental process is the game,
With an abundance of Knowledge,
Our minds can fly all the same.
Mar 8 · 25
The Ocean
Shaun Yee Mar 8
This lovely bluest of the blue,
Spanning the widest of the wide,
The  calmest of its waters calm,
What silent horrors does it hide?

The most beautiful of beauty,
Stupendous on the surface side,
Death in the deepest of the deep,
The tombs of mariners who died.
the ocean deep
Mar 7 · 30
Shaun Yee Mar 7
The world would be a drab place,
Without our gentler ***,
They fill our lives with colours,
and  beauty without pretext.

And their feline behaviour,
Subtle, enticing and coy,
Can turn a so-called macho man,
Into an obedient boy.

Clothes, make-up, yearly fashions,
Blend with art, flowers and rainbows,
They subdue the minds and senses,
Like pleasant April showers.

Men have remained with male colours,
Mainly blue, brown, grey and black,
For too many colours shift them,
On to the feminine track.

So the world is more colourful,
With our lovely gentler ***,
And men may also be thankful,
Women have put on them the hex.
poem for women's day!
Mar 6 · 283
Autumn Gold
Shaun Yee Mar 6
Autumn creeping round
Leaves on trees not colour bound
Gold will soon be here
Mar 6 · 77
Shaun Yee Mar 6
Bright-coloured flowers
Inside filled with sweet nectar
Happy hummingbirds
Mar 4 · 34
Your Star
Shaun Yee Mar 4
I am watching you each night,
You can see me shining bright,
Though I died long time ago,
Still my astral form will show;
So if you should have some doubt,
Just give me a little shout,
And I’ll see what I can do,
As your star I’m watching you.
Mar 4 · 135
The Witch
Shaun Yee Mar 4
She was on her broom since noon,
Flying all over the sky,
And I saw her outline in the moon,
As I was strolling by.
fantasy poem
Mar 3 · 47
I, Robot
Shaun Yee Mar 3
Beware, all of you out there,  
For I am now here to stay,  
You humans created me,  
And the future is my day.  
You have given me a brain,  
And made me intelligent,  
You have human emotions,  
I am fully indifferent.  

My electronic brain  
Makes me superior to you,  
No matter how fast you think,  
I can think much faster too.  
In your body you have strength,
Strong you physically are,  
But you have kindly made me,  
Much stronger than you by far.  
You know you get hungry too,
Which will make you very weak,
But that won’t happen to me,  
And for food I never seek.  

So now that you know it all,  
Should you really be afraid,
Of the superior being  
That you have cleverly made?  
But maybe you need not be,  
It’s you I depend upon,
For all my superiority,  
To switch my battery on!
technolgy poem from my "I, Series"
Mar 2 · 30
Shaun Yee Mar 2
A word, a thousand,
Ten thousand words,
Cannot describe
The ailing in the heart,
But if you have felt
Sadness before,
You know the pain
That Sadness can impart.
Shaun Yee Mar 2
I watched the sea and its creamy rolling waves,  
The streaks of white racing to wash the shore,  
And I listened to the cries of swooping birds,  
They were a dozen seagulls, maybe more.  

The evening sun was shedding its final glow,
As I wandered along the sleepy beach,  
The tired sky was packing up its colours,    
Its transient beauty just beyond my reach.  

A cool breeze ruffled my hair and brushed my face,  
Recalling sensuous moments I have had,  
I was deeply immersed in nature’s beauty,
And felt so happy yet also so sad.
Mar 1 · 184
Shaun Yee Mar 1
Individual expression
It’s everywhere
Mar 1 · 25
Shaun Yee Mar 1
There really seems to be no afterlife,
Not on this as we know it earthly place,
For some moments after we pass away,
Everything will vanish without a trace.
But if seers can peer into the future,
Be able to see things that we cannot,
And fortune tellers can see destinies,

Would not Life then -
be more than form and thought?
Feb 28 · 57
The Monkey
Shaun Yee Feb 28
He has long strong limbs
He also has a strong tail
The monkey is here
Feb 28 · 38
Without The Sun
Shaun Yee Feb 28
We would be sad without the sun,
We need its light to get things done,
If it were always dark,
We can’t play in the park,
And we would miss out so much fun.
Feb 28 · 240
Snow Fox
Shaun Yee Feb 28
Snow Fox, white as snow
Watching giant Polar Bear
Hoping for some fish
Feb 27 · 42
Shaun Yee Feb 27
On so many moonless nights,
With a star above as friend,
I let my thoughts to wander,
Reflections that never end.

Slowly, intensely, silently,
I allowed myself be drawn,
To where I knew for sure,
Dreams and fantasies are born.

They were all inside my mind,
All my feelings old and new,
I often kept them all alone,
And I always thought of you.
Feb 27 · 57
Shaun Yee Feb 27
Waves tall as buildings
Smash everything in their path
Many loved ones lost
Feb 27 · 132
Shaun Yee Feb 27
An hour or less of daylight remains,
then soft and brilliant colours paint the sky,
in pastel shades, oil and water colour hues  
and around not a single lonesome cry
Feb 25 · 51
Innocence Lost
Shaun Yee Feb 25
When we were young till we were nine,
Hours, minutes, seconds were fine,
The days were simply sped away,
With toys and games and friends to play;
From morn till dusk, early till late,
No cares, no worries about fate,
Life was simple, not good or bad,
Just sometimes happy, sometimes sad;
Then childish thoughts did slowly fade,
As new discoveries were made,
And Innocence did go away,
When Adulthood came by to stay.
Feb 25 · 122
No Immediate Answer
Shaun Yee Feb 25
Of course I have to delve into my mind,  
To search for answers for everything,  
But when the answers I cannot find,  
I have to wonder what the next days bring.
Feb 24 · 38
Living Your Life
Shaun Yee Feb 24
Inwardly by yourself,
You have to live your life,
No one can live it for you,
Not even husband or wife,
Feb 24 · 38
Shaun Yee Feb 24
Live your life
Love your life
Live your love
Love your love
Live today
Love everyday
Leave your woes
Leave your pain
You will not
Be here again
Feb 23 · 40
Two Sides
Shaun Yee Feb 23
For every coin that has a head,  
Turn it round it will have a tail,  
Every positive thought that exists,    
A negative will make it fail;  
For every attack you can devise,  
The enemy can plan a defence,  
And there will always be two sides,  
For each and every sentence;  
Just like nothing is forever black,    
Nothing is always white, no way,  
So let us think with moderation,  
So that we can appreciate the gray.
Feb 23 · 39
Knight Errant
Shaun Yee Feb 23
Knights with lances, swords and shields,
Doing battles in vast green fields,
Iron weapons and clanging sounds,
Blood and body parts on the grounds,
Always its good-versus-bad at play,
Only strengths survive at end of day.
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