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There will always be a time
That will we have to say goodbye..
On the things or on the ones we once relied,
And that's life..
No matter how hard we try,
We are all destined to die..
Against this? We won't be able to fight..

They talk about heaven and hell,
But who cares if it's fake or real?
What we are sure of is here..
And at the end of the day, it's clear..
Our fate is sealed..

So live a life you dreamt of,
Why hate when you can spread love?

You belong to today,
And no matter what they say,
You know you've got this life at stake..
And you ain't letting it go to waste..
#Tomorrowisamerepromise #Todayisthechancenottomiss❤️
Falling in love was quite easy,
Perfect? Everything seemed to be..
After all those years you were lonely,
You felt accompanied, finally..

You put all of your love and trust,
Knowing all you had to lose, you already lost..
Certain that this time it ain't burning down to ashes and dust,
You fed the love deserved you had in reserve no matter the cost..

You love with your heart,
So much that even your mind had no doubt,
To make you feel comfortable, it was not so hard..

So you love with your soul,
You dig down below,
And of much more love it started to snow..
As on her face, a smile starts to glow,
You got to know the 8th wonder the world got to show..

Uncounsiously, their happiness became yours..
And you loved being the cause..
Just like to keep the beauty of a rose,
You took great care of your love without a pause..

You gave so much love but at the end of the day, the story changes..
Now everything else but your love matters..
And you get to know how much falling outta love..hurts..

For a temporary love, it was a huge price to pay..
But hey, as they always say,
The good memories stay,
Nevertheless, you have to walk away..
For months now, covid-19 has been ruining our lives,
Maybe it's just a way to make us realize,
A way to make us open our eyes,
To see and feel the wounds of the ones suffering inside..

For years mankind has been ruling on earth,
Treating everything else in a way never deserved,
Maybe for us, karma had this in reserve..
Not able to go out is getting on our nerves..

What about those animals who are always caged?
And those on the roads who are regularly savaged?
Mankind has caused a lot of damage,
So many that it provoked nature to be outraged..

They say that we reap what we sow,
And all we've been doing is destruction in a row..
Because of mankind, nature is running low..
And it tends to be worst the further we go..

Nature has been here since forever,
And we will no longer exist without her..
How can we pray to god for a better world,
When we are the only ones making it bitter?

The solution is simple,
In order to last longer than a burning candle..
In harmony we must settle,
Whether it is with the animals..
Poor people,
With the nature,
Because this should have been our culture..
Not killing or ignoring the others just to be superior..

We all contribute to the well-being of this world,
Letting one element down is like driving a car with a wheel punctured..
Protect mother nature and her love we will earn..
Provoke mother nature and we will continue getting the punishment we deserve..
So many things left unsaid,
A body full of life, but a soul lying dead,
So many questions in my head,
But the answers have been said..

Everything comes to an end..
The solutions that once god sent,
Became the problems set ahead..
Even though life taught us not to expect,
When it comes to love, it's a kinda reflex..

We give without thinking,
We live without fearing..
But not without expectations..
Small ones are a must in a relation..

We all wanna be loved,
After all a little bit of love we do deserve..
Not for others to see,
Only to continue to live..

In a world full of hatred,
Without love, it will never get better..
Even if it does not means forever,
Keep the good memories, move on and forgive..
Cause no matter when life will be over..
You know that it was a life worthy to live..
Life is so complicated..
We are given reasons to stand up,
And when we do
We lose..
We move on for sure,
Again to something new..
The same? Remains a few..
Fear..that of tears, it will rain..again..
But it goes on,
We're never done..
Even though the reasons are gone,
We gotta follow the lyrics of this song..
Whether it's right or wrong..
What's done is done..
What's gone is gone..
Life..goes on..
Sometimes i wonder how the world works..
Does it always hurts?
Does everything becomes rust afterwards?
What if i was not meant to be the first?
Is it really a curse?
I can't be the worst..
For sure, i ain't the best..
And i ain't in a competition against the rest..
Life ain't a test..
I just wanna live..
With the ones who won't leave,
I just wanna breathe..
And set myself free..
I don't wanna be chained,
Cause sometimes it's good to be drenched under the rain..
Sometimes it's good to feel the pain..
Cause when comes the sun again,
When happiness finally takes over the reign..
Everything will return the same..
The same again..
All you need is someone who don't thinks it's insane..
Someone who doesn't cares about the losts and gains..
Somebody..who knows what is pain..
Somebody..who will never let you feel lonely again..
A life free of strife..
Without having to live on the edge of a knife..
That should be perfect,
We did things we regret,
Things we cannot forget,
But life goes on,
And we're never done..
Things we missed will come back again,
Yesterday's memories will drive us insane..
But what's life without ups and downs?
Sometimes we'll be crowned,
Sometimes we'll be clowned,
All this to set us apart from the crowd..
You can't be appreciated by everyone,
Cause you can't be anyone..
You may not be their star,
But at least you ain't faking who you are..
People will come and go,
The worth keeping ones you'll get to know,
Cause this is how it goes..
You'll get adapted to their yes's and no's,
But who to lose?
You can never choose..
And those who wanna stay,
To you? Will always pave their way..
And no matter what your situation, they who do,
will never ask for something new,
But will help you through❤️
For sure there's only a few,
But even if there's only one, it worths it if the feelings are true❤️
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