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Jan 2015 · 658
Mannequins or Us
shaqila Jan 2015
Lifeless, still,
Different faces, different races,
Same old, same old,
Round and round,
Into the ground,
Still lifeless,
Still conscious-less.
Jan 2015 · 881
Game Over
shaqila Jan 2015
**** plunging short black dress,
Maroon lipstick, just so,
Perfume sprayed
Just a hint here, here and also here,
Clutching the purse
she steps out;
Entrapment laid.

There he awaits,
blinded by beauty and lust,
not aware
the trap has been set.

A light brush of cheeks,
perfume inhaled deeply,
Smitten, trapped.

Coyly smiling,
this is too easy, she thinks.
Jan 2015 · 665
I’ll Hold your Hand
shaqila Jan 2015
Death beckons us all
It is like change
Always present
Always a little frightening
Sometimes sad
A little threatening
Whomever you think your Maker is
Death will direct your soul to him/her/it
Whether you think you ascend to the heavens or
Become nutrient for trees
Each abiding just waiting
Life a living
Too much to bear
Too little sometimes
Through it all, I’ll hold your hand
I’ll be there
I’ll hold your hand
I’ll hold your hand
shaqila Jun 2014
It used to be that Ramadan was a month of fasting, prayer and contemplation
Of those who don’t have enough not just for a day but for a lifetime;
Now, it appears Ramadan is a month of feasting and shopping
And extravagance and lavish spending!
well, in Malaysia, anyway!

© shaqila
shaqila Jun 2014
Oh Lord, show me your love they speak of that flows like lava down an erupted mountain
Oh Lord, speak to me with your voice so tender that silences the Leviathan
Oh Lord, who calms rough seas and opens up paths across oceans
Won’t you speak now so I can know?
That voice that trembles the enemy
That voice that shakes the earth’s core
That voice that moves rugged mountains
Speak, so I can be moved too!
The thunder raged,
The skies poured down rain,
Oh, hush elements!
Can’t you see I’m trying to hear the Lord speak?!
The flowers sprung after the fresh rainfall covered the earth,
The grass swayed in the wind and flew far and wide,
The butterflies fluttered about and the birds started to sing,
I could not hear my Lord.
Why so silent? Always silent!
Go on, speak to me with your voice so I have to cover my mouth like Job and hush
Go on, Speak!
The rain drizzled,
This time slowly washing off the filth from the windscreen
Not realizing the plank in my eye and the clot in my ear,
I refused to get rid of....
Oh Lord! Speak to me!
Still I shouted and whined like a baby without its bottle...
When your heart is closed and your mind takes over
The voice of earthly reasoning often shuts off the heavenly voice...
Apr 2014 · 876
my sister my all
shaqila Apr 2014
My sister my all
You have risen
Even though
Many times you fell
Like night begets day
You shine for all
With your beloved beside you
Your mission you recall
Though impossible it appeared at times
You labored on
You conquered all
Now stand you proud and tall
With the cap on your head
Another feather to behold
You smile and welcome it all
My sister my all
Though far be us all
We gladly applaud your achievement and all
One mountain down
Many more to come
Rest for a while and let the feeling linger
You did it
You did it all!
Apr 2014 · 570
On Display
shaqila Apr 2014
I browse the poems on Hello Poetry
and chance upon yours,
It shakes me to my core,
Like it was written by me, for me.

My thoughts you spread out on display,
My miseries, you named them.
How did you know?
How could you have known?
The blood shed was wiped clean,
The bruises, camouflaged accordingly.

But here, staring at me,
were details of my life,
Penned by a seemingly unknowing entity.

Inclined to turn away,
I quickly close the page,
Goodbye Poet,
Goodbye Poetry!
© shaqila
Apr 2014 · 1.4k
Always Monday
shaqila Apr 2014
It’s always Monday here with the hustle and bustle of the boisterous marketplace,
Negotiations carried out over loudspeakers and hailers,
It’s never without a fight.
It’s always Monday here with the cries of half-dead swans and suffocating dolphins,
Collateral damage is a word used loosely,
Now that the main guy is here.

Last night was a good night, befitting a Sunday’s catch,
Rest is only for the lost and lonely on a lovely Sunday night.
They brought them in, lined up in rows of ten,
Nothing on but a white singlet and pretty underpants.
They cowered in fright and tried to huddle,
The whips flew as freely as the flies that came to meddle.

It was not long till your turn came
Pretty as a rosebud
One man claimed
Smooth as a rose’s petal
Another one gleamed.

It was all too real for you and you fell dead, in silence
It’s always Monday here, someone said,
She was so pretty...
As they carried you on their back
to dump you in the truck
to throw away the body
just outside the city.

It’s always Monday here, said the man shaking his head,
as he went to the playground to fish
for another haul of fresh blood and good meat!

It’s always Monday here...
Someone said...
© shaqila
Apr 2014 · 771
Poet by Night
shaqila Apr 2014
Poet by night, body embalmer by day,
Sealing the wounds,
Pulling the skin behind the ear, just so,
Perfect; nipped and tucked just right.

Poet by night,
Your vocation, I envy not,
When toes are tagged,
and you take over,
Masterpieces are created,
Each a wonder.

You stand back and stare
At your work divine
Master craftsman at work
“Please do not disturb!”

Still only a poet by night,
By and large, a creator by day!
shaqila Apr 2014
"You think you know me,
Think again,
I Am waiting."
Apr 2014 · 872
Wanting and Waiting
shaqila Apr 2014
I want to be the one who silences your demons
I want to be the pain that spurs you to run with the wind
I want to be the love and light you ask in your darkened dreams
I want to be the hushed voice in your head amidst screams of nothingness
I want to be the gentle wind that moves you to goosebumps
I want to be the feathery touch at dawn as you rise
I want to be the whispers of the moon and the anguish screams of the thunderstorm
I want to be the sweet nectar of heaven and the devilish sting of hell
I want to be the cawing crow that awakes you
I want to be the gentle nudge that calls your attention
I want to be all that and more
Are you ready?
Give me fierce fiery hell or banish me to heaven
Give me all or nothing
don't give me half hearts and lukewarms
I'll spit you out and have the dragons trample you
Give me you or give me nothing
I'm here wanting and waiting
Are you ready?
Mar 2014 · 1.2k
The Changing Hashtags #
shaqila Mar 2014
First it was #PRAY4MH370
which swiftly changed to #RIPMH370
and now it's transformed to #REMEMBERINGMH370

Two weeks of unrealized hope
dashed one late evening by some satellite scope
Only to be faced with the deep blue ocean
and possibility of confirmation

That dear ones lie in some ocean bed
Perhaps forever trapped, it was tragically said
Technology so advance, that can find a particle in an atom
and a black hole in the universal chasm

Yet mystified that none can locate the so-called plane crash site proper!
*cue - Twilight Zone music
shaqila Mar 2014
Daddy, you said, 'I'll see you soon",
Soon is here but you're not.

"Keep this for me, I'll be back soon",
You did not come back.

"I'll go one last time. It'll be alright",
You didn't return and it's not alright.

"I can't believe, am finally going home",
You didn't realize it was your final home.

"It was a good trip but too short. Next time, I'll stay longer",
There is no next time now.

Final or infinite
Appearing really disappearing
Many stories, many tales spun
You're still gone and I'm all alone...

*All right, Good Night!" were your final words
Nothing's right, and
nothing's good about the dark of the night that still persists.
Mar 2014 · 801
An Empath's in the House
shaqila Mar 2014
The weight of the nation upon my shoulders
It feels like,
Grief, hurt, one more word, one more goodbye, one more hug, one more kiss,
It's not over till....
No survivors, they said
No more hope, they said
Go home, they said
Do what needs to be done
I hold you all in my heart
I feel your anguish, your hopelessness, your helplessness
I feel and wish it weren't so,
But it is, but it is,
I feel the weight upon my shoulders,
Rest is miles away
A smile is too difficult to behold
Thank you all for trying
I must rest but I cannot
Beware be warned
An empath's in the house...
Mar 2014 · 1.0k
Thank you Angel!
shaqila Mar 2014
The angel moves stealth-like
Appearing as summoned
Here and there to help
Look out, he could be watching
Making sure the nightmare monsters are held at bay

I have an angel watching me
Day and night
His work does not cease
Amazed at the honor
Of having you around me
Just wishing to touch and feel your feathery body
Mar 2014 · 4.2k
Homeland Security - 10W
shaqila Mar 2014
I thought I was home
It appears I was wrong!
Nothing to do with the US btw!
Dec 2013 · 1.1k
plump and luscious - 10w
shaqila Dec 2013
Some like 'em plump and luscious
I like 'em green!
Talking about mangos of course! ;-)
Dec 2013 · 919
Welcome Newbies!
shaqila Dec 2013
Looks like green blood
You're new here
Come hither
Let me see your face
"ahhh write poetry do you?
Haha or it writes you, hehe!"
Come closer to the fire son
Warm your hands and wipe that fear off your face
I don't bite
Just show me your neck
Green blood is all I seek
A warm welcome to newbies to HP haha!
Dec 2013 · 6.9k
The coconut tree
shaqila Dec 2013
The coconut tree is unlike any other
From root to shoot
All valuable all useful
Giving shade when weaved into roof patches
Giving sustenance in the form of food and drink
Even when completely chopped, it leaves its marks
As the bridge people built to cross the river!
Some people are born into royalty, some become royale in deed and words. The above is my little tribute to Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (18 July 1918 – 5 December 2013).
Dec 2013 · 619
lesson not learned
shaqila Dec 2013
I'm the star you didn't notice
I'm the rainbow that didn't catch your eye
I'm the soft breeze that you brushed away
I'm the beat your heart missed
I'm the face in the crowd that was drowned
I'm the cry in the night you ignored
I'm the one who watches you whom you cannot see
I'm the song you never sing anymore

I'm the lesson you didn't learn!
Inspired in part by soul!
Dec 2013 · 448
The Kiss of Life
shaqila Dec 2013
Sometimes a kiss is just a kiss
But sometimes it's the prelude  
That ascends the being into heaven
Oct 2013 · 1.3k
birthday poem for my beloved
shaqila Oct 2013
Happy birthday doesn't seem to suffice
When the one you love is all so nice
So here's a poem from my heart
Hope it reaches yours though oceans apart

Bless the day when you were born
When angels sang and heaven was forlorn
Losing you was not their aim
But the time was ripe, all the same

Tears  were shed in the heavenlies
Your mates up there threw you a gathering
I was there and feeling sad
You said don't worry, I'll find you, yet!

That was some decades ago
And here we are found and found
Elliot York was to be born
To create HP, so we no longer need to mourn

Almost a year, oh what a ride
is it amazing, that we're still out of sight
visions of future laughter furnishes my nights
my days are not so bad with you as my guide

wishing you well and wishing you gain
wisdom and wealth and hopes and dreams
Four plus nine is not so young
only a little while more and we'll both be done
Oct 2013 · 911
Can you hear me?
shaqila Oct 2013
Ocean apart yet together in our hearts
“Can you hear me, can you hear me?”
Poor reception, this phone, urrrggghhh my sister
Life goes on and on
Cooking, cleaning, working around the house
Shopping, shopping
Gifts to buy, Shoes to find
Friends and family come to visit
Yet sorely missing the one apart
“Can you hear me, can you hear me?”
Morning and night, days run out
Time to go, time to meet
Tears are hidden, Cries held inside
Glad to see you, why do we have to part?
sister comes to visit, leaving her other half behind,
then, has to return, leaving her only sister and family behind...
Sep 2013 · 880
ovulating - 10w
shaqila Sep 2013
Ovulations are jubilations
that result in celebrations
*if so intended
Sep 2013 · 800
confession - 10w
shaqila Sep 2013
Who am I to want more
than you can give?
Sep 2013 · 1.7k
To the Ground, to the Ground
shaqila Sep 2013
To the ground, to the ground, the country must fall,
If it is to rise again, free from leeches, mosquitoes, et. al.

Murderers walk free
Gangsters parade their ware
A country controlled by thieves petty
Citizens governed lack of care

A dozen missions have now been declared
To the moon, to space, there and back
Petty thieves calling themselves politicians
Will be forever doomed, karma bites back

Poet laureates hauled to prison
Patriotism is questioned
If petty thieves continue ruling
Why wouldn’t learned souls rise to action?

Hope is nowhere in sight
Dissension and strife are forthcoming
Divide and conquer, it worked really well
First the British and now the national front

To the ground, to the ground, the country must fall,
If it is to rise again, free from leeches, mosquitoes, et. al.
(Me hopes not, but it seems inevitable)
Aug 2013 · 1.0k
A Zero is Not Nothing
shaqila Aug 2013
A zero on its own may hold no value
But add a zero to 10 and behold you get a 100
And the value of zero seems to increase exponentially
Just think in terms of 100,000, add a zero and walla! it's 1,000,000

So, it gives rise to the question
What is really the value of zero
Does Zero mean nothing?
Or does it depend on how you place it?

What if a manager said, 'the production showed zero growth rate'
Would the management shout in glee or consider firing?
Is it silly to think zero is valueless when logically
adding zero at the end of any number only makes it more by tens?

Yes, I'm certifiably crazy but that is not the point!
The point is life is full of paradoxes
So why is that we adamantly stick to one theory of belief
When any number of theories could be true or not
like birth and death and yes of course 'God'!
shaqila Aug 2013
Princess Lollypoppy is going to school
Albeit kiddy school, it's still school
Many friends will she make
Possibly some hearts she would break
Maybe now's a good time for her to gather her troops
For the kingdom she intends to overtake
Surely three and four year olds will listen to her
She'll give them lollies in exchange for their loyal regard
Her plans are in motion
A coup is underway
Wait a minute, what is Prince Lollypoopsie doing in the door way!
my little niece is going to nursery and so's her little brother :)
Aug 2013 · 1.0k
An Augury of Sorts
shaqila Aug 2013
Pawny, the orange stray played with her
That was odd
The crows chattered outside her window
The mynas silently observed from the fence
Dear Mr. Cooper never left her side
It was not unusual that the day was cloudy
It often is here in the equatorial
The accompanying heavy gloom in the sky
and all around was not the norm though
As passers-by seemed to mention

The smell of fresh jasmine was in the air
So much fragrance couldn't possibly come
from one plant
The chatter of the sparrows were toned down today
But only a clever observer could have noticed

She called everyone to say hi
She never calls, everyone knows
Still the others didn't know, couldn't have known
Even she didn't know
That today was to be her last day as a physical being

She went to bed just like on many other nights
Tossing for a while playing her sudoku
Which usually lulled her to sleep
When she awoke, though she thought
it was morning, it seemed like she was sitting near the sun
She looked around, her old friends, dead friends
were all around
Kimmy was there and so was Pompy
She felt so happy, she didn't even bother to ask

Only the sound of loud wailing
shook her a little
and there in the cloud she saw
a moving picture
Of her dear ones crying
And she laying there, almost smiling
As lifeless as the flowers placed on her
Pawny - a cat, Mr Cooper - a dog, Pompy - her first cat, Kimmy - her last cat
Aug 2013 · 955
shaqila Aug 2013
I walk through the jungle dense
with majestic trees forming a tattered roof over my head
Misty sunshine peeping through
filling the air with an aroma of fresh greenness
My thoughts are focused on following the path
laid by those who've travelled this way before
I can hear distant sounds of chattering birds
I know I won't go hungry
I carry on, determination marking each step,
I must find what I had lost
The momentum pushes me forward and farther and deeper
I can hear the sound
I track closer and closer
It's going uphill, it's a struggle
It's near, I’m reaching
The path opens up to a clearing
There, in front of me, is the river
Flowing east
I reach the bank and there I see
A rainbow hovering over the waterfalls,
Welcoming me as with tears of a long lost friend
I stand there for a moment to take it all in
I remove my heavy clothing and slide in
It's cool and shocking at first
Then I submerge and ball up and just float in the river
It sounds like a choir of trees, water and music
I hear music
I lift my head out to breathe
The sky is blue with clouds floating by
The sunshine blankets me from above and
The cold river cushions under
Relenting, I smile
Realizing I've found heaven
Aug 2013 · 1.8k
The God of Death
shaqila Aug 2013
I have a list
The job is mundane, same old, same old
Murderers, conceiters, haters, ....
No remorse even at the last breath

Today is a busy day
Lots of you to claim
First on my list is a thief
He stole children for a living
And sold them to the highest bidder
Sometimes, I think the Guy upstairs is so unfair
What’s wrong with taking a child
And selling her so she’ll get a better life

Not that I’m complaining
Contrary to popular belief
Hell is kind of empty
Most people in their last living moments
Say they’re sorry and zam! I lose!

This guy is different
Peter Hinckley the Child Snatcher
He doesn’t know he’s walking into a trap
And he’ll be shot dead by the cop hiding across the street

So, here I am, Ok, Now!!
“Gotcha, come with me, Peter Hinckley!
Welcome to Hell! Where it’s always breakfast in bed! Not!

My next is a woman, those are rare down there
Henrietta Bugglery – “Gosh, what a name!”
Her one and only sin – loving herself too much
Till she hated everyone else

It’s not her fault, I don’t think
She has it all but wisdom
So how can it be her fault
Well I suppose she could have been better to her children
But she hated them too apparently
Ahh humans, I’ll never get them, I suppose!

Henrietta was ready but she didn’t expect Me!
Not that I’m not pretty but I have to hide my face
Seeing me sometimes jolts them back to life!

“OK, Missy, let’s go!”
“What do you mean let’s go? Who are you? And where are we going?”
“HELLLL! Missy!!”
“Who are you?”
“ Darth Vader!”
(and they say i don’t have a sense of humor)
“You mean like from Star Wars?”
“Yes, exactly that – Let’s Go!”
“I’m not going anywhere with you!”
“Oh come on, don’t make me zap you there.
I like you all to arrive happily, after all the rest of eternity is a long time”
“Get lost! I’m not coming with you!!”
“Oh well, you leave me no choice!
Welcome to Hell!”
I lift my hand and she is stretched excruciatingly (it appears) into Hell

You’d think my work is easy
Actually, it’s not
Sometimes, I wish we had some of your high tech equipments down there
Then, I won’t have to do this myself
I could have me some robots who would never mess up
Or suddenly have a soft heart like in the case of ....
Oh ****, I’m saying too much!!

*P.S. Don't worry, I'm probably not coming for you
P.S.S. I lie, a lot!
Aug 2013 · 630
Search for Dieing Embers
shaqila Aug 2013
DE where are you?
I miss you
I know summer is sweet
I thought we could meet
Here on HP
Life has become dull
Without your ten word
Word play and such
Reveal yourself oh mighty poet!
I miss you deeply
Make an appearance, please
I beseech thee humbly
Anyone know what's happened to DE?
shaqila Aug 2013
Princess Lollypoppy got her wings today,
It helped her fly far far away,
She thought if she left, she would be missed
But in fact she missed home after she twisted her wrist

Flying was not so fun as she once thought
She wandered the skies and found a rainbow sprout
It was beautiful, it was really amazing
But she missed home and it was agonizing

Gathering courage and embracing guilt
She flew back home and slowly rebuilt
Her little playhouse with tables and chairs
So that Prince Lollypoopsie could also share her wares

It was no so bad, she found after all
Two years have passed, and though it wasn't a ball
She did have a playmate and he was quite a sport
When she needed a punching bag, he was always there to support!
Inspired by my niece and her new wearable butterfly wings!
Aug 2013 · 854
Teach Me
shaqila Aug 2013
Teach me and I’ll learn
How the jigsaw puzzles fit together
I’ll learn how to put away the toys when I’m done
I’ll even learn how to make
A sandwich when you’re gone
But please don’t lock me up in a cell with no window
And tie up my hands so
That I can’t even scratch my face

Teach me and I’ll learn
To smile at strangers
You call friends
I’ll even hug them if you teach me
But please don’t lock me away
And throw away the key

Teach me and I’ll learn
How to use the toilet
I’ll even push the flush handle
If you teach me
I’ll learn to stand in the shower
And make myself clean
I’ll even rub some soap on me
If you teach me

But please don’t’ give up on me
And send me away
Into the prison they say
I will learn from you
I promise!
Teach me!
shaqila Aug 2013
I think I was nine
And thought the world was mine
But my mom shouted at me
Insisting I eat some rice and curry

I decided to run away
Coz’ that’s what
Trixie Belden would have done
But I couldn’t go very far
Coz’ I wasn’t allowed to cross the road

So, I climbed my 12 feet guava tree
And sat on the comfy branch
After a while mayhem began

It was getting dark
And my family was searching me out
My name was shouted, all around the house
Inside, outside, front and back
But nobody so much as lifted their head
To see me sitting there
Quietly smiling at their frantic expressions
“Oh dear, oh dear, where have you gone?”

I took two biscuits with me
When I ran away
But it was many hours since
And my tummy was growling
I wished someone would look up
The tree and find me
Coz’ this was getting a bit weary

Finally, my dad arrived and
My mom rushed out
“Our daughter is missing,
Please go and report!”

My father whom I thought
Wasn’t very smart
Was calm and collected
And only laughed out loud
“There she is!” he pointed at me
Up the tree
“Come down this instant or
You won’t get to eat any rice and curry!”
Aug 2013 · 981
I love (20 x 10W)
shaqila Aug 2013
I love the smell of your hair after a shampoo
I love how the sound of dogs barking ruffles you
I love the sight of the scars on your hands
I love the way you try to hide your legs
I love your vampire teeth showing when you reluctantly smile
I love the way you heartily laugh at my jokes
I love the way you strum nothing into a tune
I love your random songs and play on my name
I love your hold on my hand and warmth therein
I love the hugs and cuddles and nuzzles you bring
I love the feel of your fingers against my skin
Just one more reason to show how you are endearing
The tingle I feel every time our ***** lips meet
Makes it difficult to continue working when you’re there watching
I love how you speak of Higgs Boson so intimately
No other person I know can quite grasp this theory
I love the way you play with Vladimir and Kimmy
Your kindness and concern shows, amidst playfulness,  it’s so funny
I love your mean pancakes and your hot morning coffee
I love most things about you, why don’t we marry?
Aug 2013 · 747
I am not Ordinary
shaqila Aug 2013
I am not ordinary but then I’m not extraordinary either
What am I then?
I am the culmination of ancestral miracles and generational transformations
With star particles thrown in for good measure
I have the remnants of palaeolithic homosapiens
And the dust of stars from a million years away
I am not ordinary yet I’m not extraordinary
There are many me(s) on this earth
And I’m inclined to believe in other universes as well!
I am not ordinary, no sirree;
I’m just a conglomeration of stardust derived from stars a million light years away!
Aug 2013 · 1.1k
shaqila Aug 2013
One by one, the leaves of the tree gently fall to the damp ground
I don't care
The mynas sing their varied tunes of jubilance and excitement
I don't care
The sound of dogs barking in the distant envelopes the atmosphere
I don't care
The sky is grey with rain clouds, almost melancholy
as the sun tries to push through its rays
I don't care
The gurgling sound of the neighbor's water fountain marks the present
I don't care
Now, the children are running in the park, stealing time to play before the rain drops
I don't care
Swishing, chirping, woofing, whooing, splish-splashing, screaming
This poem is not finished
*I don't care
Aug 2013 · 1.4k
Princess Lollypoppy
shaqila Aug 2013
Princess Lollypoppy lived in a castle far away
But all she could think about is running far far away
Ever since prince lollypoopsie was born
All she could see was her clothes being torn

She tried one day to runaway
Unfortunately her father's carriage stood in the way
She tried cycling through the forest
But her tires kept getting caught in the mud and she had to give it a rest

Her mother was of no help,
Ever since the prince arrived
Her life was totally ignored
It was always 'don't scream, your brother will wake'
or 'give it back, your brother will cry'

It felt like the end of the world for Princess Lollypoppy
When even her clothes were given away
She decided enough was enough
And went into a deep sleep
till today, she has yet to awaken from her deep slumber
Awaiting the prince who will never come
and the fairy godmother who never existed!
Dedicated to my little niece :)
Aug 2013 · 938
Time Cries for No One (I)
shaqila Aug 2013
Time cries for no one
A mystery i think time is
Seconds, minutes, hours, days, .....
It continues without a care in the world

We plan and plant and wait and harvest
Then, we do it all over again
With time, we move on and on
There is no pause, only continuum

Time cries for no one
People pass on, pets pass on
Life recycles
Poets philosophize
Philosophers ponder
Sounds pointless, all of these
It's an adventure, almost predestined
A web of feelings
This is life, they say
This is life...
TBC, forever
TBC - to be continued
Aug 2013 · 614
Forever (II)
shaqila Aug 2013
Forever, have you seen it?
Like eternity, it's unfathomable
Buddha says, we're part of this 'forever'
Till our hearts are enlightened

Forever, it's too far away
What about the end, finality, closure
What if this is it, our momentary time on earth
No heaven, hell, rebirth
What if this is all there is
No second, third, fourth chances
Forever but only now

So many gods, so many ways, so many interpretations!
What if, this is it?
Brain dies, you die, end of story!
Aug 2013 · 753
The End of the Story (III)
shaqila Aug 2013
You have reached the end of your story
A story marked by various phases
Childhood, youth, adult, old age
A story with many adventurous climbs
and thrilling downhill runs

Sometimes submerged in mud, struggling to move
Sometimes floating in the sky, basking on feathery clouds
Completed journeys, established relationships
All captured in a story, your story...
And now you've reached
The End
Jul 2013 · 633
shaqila Jul 2013
Chomping on leaves was all he’s ever known
They keep me going, he used to say
Albeit slowly but that’s alright
I have nowhere to go
My brothers, all five of them, love their leaves

Their world was plentiful and vast
Rain or shine, I’m always protected by the very leaves I eat
Sometimes he did get lost
But my brothers come get me most of the time
One day, not sure what was happening, he panics
I can’t move, I am dying!!
He was covered in a sheath of cotton-like cocoon
And left that way for years it seemed
(Time lapse)
*I’m trapped, I’m trapped, let me out
I start pushing, the sheath breaks
I push further and harder
Flutter, flutter, I fly away
I’m not sure if a caterpillar becoming a butterfly is actually rebirth in the Buddhist sense. But what if Rebirth is every time you die to your old self/thinking and start over. What if rebirth means a second/third/fourth chance to get it right without really dying, just transforming? Yes, what if!
shaqila Jul 2013
Gleaming eyes shining green
Long ***** hair unkempt but moving
As teemed with life in each strand
Flowing yellow transparent chiffon, **** or sari?
You advance, i retreat
Step by step, it’s appears a dance
Even though pitch dark
Your luminosity lights our path
Oh ****, i hit a wall, no opening, too high to climb
i kick and scream but not even echoes sound
You’re gruesome self, nearing, i scream and cower
I pass out?
I’m in my room in a corner by the closet
Parents hovering, wondering, asking together
Me - it was a dream...
No, impossible, so lucid, vivid
The lady, the green eyes, the moving strands of hair
I was dreaming?
Jul 2013 · 951
Hungry Ghost
shaqila Jul 2013
Hungry ghost – the real deal or just a metaphor
Always hungry, never satisfied, more, more, more
It’s not just food,
It can be fame, fortune, acceptance and even love
Given but wants not met
Takes but never enough
Always striving, wanting a little bit more, gaining a lot but always in want
Struggling, always planning, restless for that thing, unreachable
Taking, taking, taking
Wanting, wanting, wanting
Am I then a hungry ghost?
shaqila Jul 2013
Thou shall not ***** is pretty much a tenet at the temple
Listening to dhamma talks, trying to digest and
Perhaps be a better/not so ignorant being
Along come you, master or mistress of annoyance
I can’t tell, your looks deceive
I suppose my black jeans must have been
The attractive factor
And the cool comfort of the a/c and
The close proximity of us humans
Of course you came, you love it
Well to be fair, you love blood, right?
But seriously at any other place
I’d do away with you with a slap and or
Maybe a heavy blow
But come on, this is where
The Buddha’s teachings are propagated
If temptation is your thing, you’ve chosen the right place
You know what, I’ll ignore you and who knows, it could be bliss
Really, what do you do, Oh Master of Zen?
Do you intentionally **** the annoying vermin or
Tolerate it and let it **** your blood
In front of you and just scratch the itch later?
Oh Master! Oh Dilemma!
Thou shall not ****! I know! I know!
True story btw, i didn’t **** the mossie but it lingered with me throughout the session – perhaps it was a long lost soul, hahaha!!
Jul 2013 · 3.0k
Only 26 Letters
shaqila Jul 2013
I like the word oxymoron –
probably my favourite English word,
It sound derogatory but it is just a figure of speech.
I kind of like the word nincompoop
but I’d change it a bit to noncompoop
which would then I can say is an abbreviation for non-competent ****.
I made up the word mysticscientist –
I know it’s hard to say, perhaps i should shorten it to myscientist.
I like the word strumpet,
coz even though it sounds like a musical instrument,
It’s actually another word for a ****, not the eating kind.
Another fav of mine is teetotaller,
I mean who on earth would ever guess this to mean
someone who doesn’t consume alcohol,
really who came up with this, I’d really like to know.
When young, I learnt a word that truly stuck;
It’s guffawed meaning laughed out loud;
It’s the prefix guff that completely throws you off,
guff out loud, she guffawed or gol like lol!
(guff is not a prefix, just saying it looks like one: guffstraying, guffanalysing, guffanance)
Everyday I open the dictionary to discover new English words;
it’s a wonder to me, that the list keeps growing
only 26 letters but still quite amazing.
Disclosure: i made up guffstraying, guffanalysing, and guffanance to show how guff might be beautifully used as a prefix – gol! 
Jul 2013 · 1.1k
When Hell Closes its Door
shaqila Jul 2013
When even hell closes its door on you
The decrepit nothing that you’ve become is apparent
You devoured children and virgins when on earth
There was no preference; you mutilated them all

But now, where will you go?
The darkest place in the universe has turned you away
And your punishment, the removal of your powers
Upon reaching the end of your physical mortality

Where will you run to, when you cannot hide?
Maybe there is ****** karma in the afterlife after all
Beware monsters and creatures of the night array your path
To the left and right and all around and it’s always dark

It’s not pleasant, the price you pay for extreme sin
When death, you think the end, is only the beginning
Of eternity and damnation and whoredom to
Creatures who even hell shudders to let in...
Jul 2013 · 387
Life x 2 (10W)
shaqila Jul 2013
Life, live it twice,
Once awake
and once in dreams!
Jul 2013 · 1.8k
a quiet storm
shaqila Jul 2013
a quiet storm brews despite myself
within deep down treacherous grounds
longings yearnings wishing hoping
life's loud hoorah awaiting

quaking through the soul
like vibrations of old
lies the storm ready to unfold

meandering through valleys and hills
life's corners and curves
hitting a brick wall
now ready to fall with the wake
of the storm within
soon it will be monsoon again!
Inspired by the Gatorade drink flavor, 'Quiet Storm'! Thanks DC for the suggestion!
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