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shaqila Mar 2014
First it was #PRAY4MH370
which swiftly changed to #RIPMH370
and now it's transformed to #REMEMBERINGMH370

Two weeks of unrealized hope
dashed one late evening by some satellite scope
Only to be faced with the deep blue ocean
and possibility of confirmation

That dear ones lie in some ocean bed
Perhaps forever trapped, it was tragically said
Technology so advance, that can find a particle in an atom
and a black hole in the universal chasm

Yet mystified that none can locate the so-called plane crash site proper!
*cue - Twilight Zone music
shaqila Mar 2014
Daddy, you said, 'I'll see you soon",
Soon is here but you're not.

"Keep this for me, I'll be back soon",
You did not come back.

"I'll go one last time. It'll be alright",
You didn't return and it's not alright.

"I can't believe, am finally going home",
You didn't realize it was your final home.

"It was a good trip but too short. Next time, I'll stay longer",
There is no next time now.

Final or infinite
Appearing really disappearing
Many stories, many tales spun
You're still gone and I'm all alone...

*All right, Good Night!" were your final words
Nothing's right, and
nothing's good about the dark of the night that still persists.
shaqila Mar 2014
The weight of the nation upon my shoulders
It feels like,
Grief, hurt, one more word, one more goodbye, one more hug, one more kiss,
It's not over till....
No survivors, they said
No more hope, they said
Go home, they said
Do what needs to be done
I hold you all in my heart
I feel your anguish, your hopelessness, your helplessness
I feel and wish it weren't so,
But it is, but it is,
I feel the weight upon my shoulders,
Rest is miles away
A smile is too difficult to behold
Thank you all for trying
I must rest but I cannot
Beware be warned
An empath's in the house...

— The End —