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It isn't music, really
not really
not the kind that you can
dance to
or sing words to
or hum along to

but maybe tap your foot
a bit to
or rock your shoulders
a little bit to
and sway your head
a little nod or two

It's more like rustling leaves
from pianissimo
to crescendo
above the tapping
drips of rain
in puddles circling
round the dangling feet
of waterspouts

and the trilling ring
a brassy bell delivers
swinging from the strike
of an opened door  
as dampened shoes
skip shuffle and slide
inside the musty lair
of an old bookstore

all measured by
the syncopated
clapping beat
of hooves
on cobblestone
in time with
carriage wheels
and drumbeat hoods
of rocking cabriolets

He paints from sound
that whistles in the wind
and freefalls from the sky
that bounces in the streets
and whispers to his eyes
that nestles in his pallet
and mixes in his dyes

It isn't music, really
not really
not the kind that you can
dance to
or sing words to
or hum along to

but maybe tap your foot
a bit to
or rock your shoulders
a little bit to
and sway your head
a little nod or two

when you see his aria
composed by strokes
from brushes
dipped in sound
Poems about women,
spills of passion
flow from anger,
burst from love,
fill libraries,
find homes in billfolds,
back pockets,
or bulletin boards.

Counting poems
composed about women,
for women,
by women
becomes one futile task
for this list is endless.
Reams of new works
billow forth
from crazed minds of men

Small wonder
for this gentle ***
is incomprehensible,
enticing, enchanting.
Fill pages with thoughts of her
and dreams that dampen cotton sheets
Ease all tension,
write tonight.
Comments appreciated
Though you are small, and may seem like the smallest grain of sand on the beach,
There are many things to know before being washed into the ocean of life.
Listen to the shells, for they’ve been on the beach far longer than you have.
Make a wish at 11:11. (Don’t worry if you forget in the morning, it’ll come again that night.)
Cross your fingers for extra luck,
Accept a date to stargaze in the middle of an open field in the bed of a pick-up truck,
And while you’re gazing at the stars, don’t forget to make a wish on the one that’s shooting across the sky
And while you’re lost within that pair of blue eyes, get lost within a field of dandelions.
Pluck one that you can make a wish and blow into the wind.
And don’t worry if Prince Charming hasn’t swept you off your feet,
Create your own imaginary prince; he won’t break your heart,
And keep a couple imaginary friends along too; they won’t stab you in the back.
It’s okay to dance and sing in the car, you won’t ever see those people who’re next to you again,
(Unless the next light turns yellow, in which case, the gas pedal needs love and affection too.)
You’ll get nerves, but don’t ever bite your nails or crack your knuckles, back, neck, or anything.
Arthritis isn’t something that goes well with the wrinkles that’ll come too.
Grow wisdom, but don’t forget, you’ll always be a child at heart.
Make sure the length of the dress that you buy for the date would be approved by your grandmother.
Don’t forget to always add sprinkles with your ice cream while on that date,
And why should dessert be saved for last? Eat it first; otherwise you’ll be too full.
And as you’re driving home that night, don’t forget to turn your headlights on,
And remember to wear your seatbelt, no matter how short the distance.
Remember that it’s okay to break curfew every now and then; you may not ever get those moments back.
Keep in mind, if your date is on a Friday, don’t be out too late, or you’ll miss Saturday morning cartoons,
Which also means, don’t ever eat the marshmallows from Lucky Charms until the very end.
And say Prince Charming still hasn’t rode in on his white stallion,
The refrigerator is not who to call to cure your boredom (Unnecessary calories are not your friends.)
Instead, call your mother, because you’re never too old to cry to your mom.
When you see those storm clouds approaching, don’t hide inside,
Put on your rain boots and dance in the puddles.
Don’t be afraid of the waves that are washing up on the shore.
if i ever have a daughter, i would tell her all these things.
I was 15 years old with trails
of white powder dripping from my nose.
I was 16 and never saw a sober day of my life,
I hid behind bottles of whiskey and ***,
bags of molly, and vials of kitty.
I was 17 and growing tired
of this life.
I was 17 and knew this
wasn’t who I was meant to be.
I was 17 with friends and
a pact to move to California and make
something of ourselves. I was 18
and kicked out of my mothers house.
I was 18 and living with a best friend.
I was 18 and found out they
were doing ****** and ****.
I was 18 and sick of
all the lies so I left.
I moved to Socal where
I surfed couch to couch till I
climbed my way to the Bay area.
I was 19 and lost.
I was 19 and went on a 2 month
road trip with my best friend and a guy who tried to ****** me.
I was 19 and
looking for myself. I made it
to New Orleans and back with only losing myself
more. I was 19 and fell in love
for the first time. I was
20 and met a boy whom I never
sought out to show me how to change myself until he broke my heart for
the very first time. I was
20 years old and let him enter my
tunnel heart   like the yellowbird  he is.
He made it out alive but for a second I didn’t think I would.
I did. I was 20 and
finding myself. I was 20 and getting myself
together after a broken heart.  
I was 20 and I found myself for the first time.
I was 20 and no longer wanted death for my birthday
I am now 21 and fearless.
Just when I was starting to think I'd be okay
that I would be able to move on one day
and find someone else who I could love the way I loved you
what do you go and do?
You call me when you're drunk
who would've thunk
that I'd be the one that you call
as you stumble and fall
up the stairs on the way to your room
the man you used to want as your groom.
Who almost though his heart was healing
until you told him you were dizzy looking at the ceiling.
He realized he missed your voice on the phone
remembered the secrets you'd shown
and thousands of other memories over time
how you'd been partners in crime
for 8 long wonderful years
and that brought back more tears,
because that's when he remembered that you were no longer his
that you wouldn't be having his kids
or buying a house where you'd live together,
and spend your lives in each others arms forever.
All those dreams are long and gone
but he still waits, played like a pawn
as the queen protects her new king
and leads the pain into pain and suffering.
But the pawn keeps moving for her because that's all he knows
she was the future that he chose
but his future no longer wanted to choose him.
He had gone out on a limb
and given away his heart.
But when they grew apart
she kept a broken piece with her everywhere she went.
He thought he was slowly able to mend
but just realized that it was just pretend.
He was putting on a mask to make life easier
but the more he thinks the more he is queasier
because she's the one she called when she got wasted
which means in her mind he's still pasted.
He thinks about how she could've called her new thing
but she called me and I answered on the first ring,
because I still love her and a part of her loves me
and I know it's foolish but that's all I can see.
The slight glimmer of hope that I have when I shouldn't
because I want to think she would when I know that she wouldn't
ever get back with me for various reasons
although we've loved each other through so many seasons.
She called me, but why
why would she call the heartbroken guy
that still loves her when she won't return his feeling
yet at the same time is this call revealing.
I'll sit here and wonder but I'll never know
why she drunk called me and why I responded with hello.
I want a girl who loves God,
likes baseball, and is the other pea in my pod.
I want a girl who finds sarcasm funny
and isn't focused all on money.
I want a girl whose smile shines bright
and who knows I'll be there for her day or night.
I want a girl who likes to snuggle,
and knows the difference between mudblood and muggle.
I want a girl who had similar television taste
so I know my shows won't be erased.
I want a girl who is tough but sweet
and is so fine she can't be beat.
I want a girl who understands why the last line was clever
and likes that I'm one of the most romantic people ever.
I want a girl who likes participating in every sport;
she doesn't have to be good, just give a good effort.
I want a girl full of internal beauty
but most of all I want a girl who wants me.
I haven't kissed anyone in so long.
I might just evaporate from the sheer

Standing on tiptoes, touching noses
Palms pressing hard against palms as they

I'm falling into tiny fragmented pieces
And you are picking at the edges, playing with the

And then you vanish into thin air
My hands empty, once full of this

I crumple like paper to the floor
Little tree branch fingers twisted into

Tears so blue they flood the room
I'm washed away, waves reminding me of what I
© Amara Pendergraft 2013
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