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Shadow Wolf Aug 2020
Cant get rid of the past because im trapped in my mind (Mansion)
I try moving on but I cant..
I take different directions and end up at the same spot (Maze)
Im trapped in my mind cause I miss who I was
Im trapped in my mind cause I miss how I felt
Im trapped in my mind cause I miss seeing you
Then when I step outside, I don't know what to do.
I am lost and I am confused
Im trapped in my mind and lost in the maze
What Do I Do?
Do I go left? Do I go right?
Should I just go back to the Mansion or stay out and fight?
Shadow Wolf Sep 2018
Trying to find life, and forget the struggle
But it sneak up on me like cramps in your muscle
I figured it out, and it was truly a puzzle
If you don't understand it
You will surely be in trouble

The ones around me is going to get confused
The ones around me will say "**** who are you?"
They don't deserve this, yes that is true
That's why I have to keep my distance, so I won't hurt anyone of you...
Shadow Wolf Apr 2018
He Has survived through the darkest days
And walked the brightest nights.
Each time was a different fight
Month and months
Soon turned to years
Surviving was tough
But he never dropped a tear
Never knew what was going to happen next
But showed no fear...
Silver wolf is gone
Betrayal means no return
But even for the Shadow Wolf its a live and learn
Shadow shows no fear
But he did show pain
Lots of lost and lots to gain.
But because of her he has changed

Old friends are now new enemies
Old enemies are now new friends
Either way pain or not
The Shadow survives
And always wins
Stronger. Smarter. Darker. Survivor.
Shadow Wolf Jul 2017
Mouth stayed silent
No words was said
The future the eye saw
Is crumbled and dead
Laughing and laughing
Going insane
This is the darkness
Favorite game
Destroy the enemy
The decision is made
No more discussion Time to hunt and play
Demon created
From a twisted mind
They sense it they know it
Once again
...It is time..
Shadow Wolf Jul 2017
Ears are ringing
Life is falling
Try to stay calm
I cant stop shaking
Head is pounding
Scratches on the walls
You do not know what you have done
No, not at all
Three, two, one
There was a click
A growl from his voice
Now the switch
Escaping death
To do one last deed
To get revenge
To make them bleed
One, two, three
Thats all thats needed
One, two, three,
Thats all thats said
And one, two, three
Is what you hear
And one, two, three you are dead...
Shadow Wolf Sep 2016
The wolf heart beats in pain
Insane but some how sane
Lost so deep but what did he lose
Have so much but what did he gain?
Quietly he walks so silently you can't hear
If he is lost forever... What howl could he hear?
He will follow the moonlight until he arrives
To his destination he will soon reach
The destination that hides....
I Am Lost
Shadow Wolf Feb 2016
I've lost my soul many years ago.
I've searched for so long, it's like I can
Hear it calling my name but I can't see it.
Sometimes I wonder, if it's not my soul
Calling me then who or what it?
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