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Tracing the outline of her face
On a photograph she’d given me once
What now seems like so very long ago
Smoothing out the torn corners
As I once smoothed out her wild hairs
Ignoring the fading colors
Trying to remember just the way she felt
Running a finger from her chin to her cheek
Examining the crease of her smile
Before gently pressing fingers to
The two small beauty marks beside her nose
You can barely notice the one
But I’ll never forget it
I can recall every detail so perfectly
As if we had never even been apart
But it’s been ages now and I’m not sure
If my memory still serves me right
That’s why so often these days
I pull this picture free
From the folds of my wallet
And gaze at it for hours
Photo paper so worn and glossless now
Grown thin from the countless times
I’ve sat and traced that beautiful face
Only to do it a thousand more
Until there’s holes in this photograph
And my memory of her is all that remains
Fear is a natural feeling,
A part of life
To be afraid of something in this world
Is not so farfetched a thought
Death, being hated, never finding love
All completely fair to be afraid of
But the irrational fears that some have
Simply never cease to amaze me
And let me inform you,
That this is a true story
A mother who stabbed
Her husband with a fork
At the dinner table
While the children watched
Four prongs pierced skin and veins alike
Blood showered forth
As ketchup from the bottle
The children were devastated to say the least
Now twenty two years later
That same little boy from the kitchen table
Sits in the restaurant haunted and alone
No date, no friends, no company
Eating his steak with a plastic spoon
He murmurs something about
Forks being a leading cause of death
What a sad and untrue statistic
We were lying down, we were looking up
From the cemetery grounds at the sky up above
You were just a friend but I wanted more
I looked into your eyes and your head leaned forward

Lips pressed together, I felt your touch
Down in my stomach butterflies flew up
Leaned back in and stole one more
This feeling that I had I never felt before

In some weird way when we very first met
I knew we’d be together we were perfect set

We were sitting around by the fire
Drinking at the lake while the moon rose higher
Had a little fight, tell me what’s wrong
We can work this out and we’ll move right on

Took a stroll on down the beach
Walked for a while felt the sand in our feet
Said hey Meg you know I’ve been thinking
You should be my girlfriend is what I’m wishing

In some weird way when we very first met
I knew we’d be together we were perfect set

Couple months later and we’re still going strong
I’m happy that I met you and I hope it lasts long
We’ve hit a few bumps since we’ve been on the road
But no couples perfect and I want you to know

That I care about you so **** much
I know I get mad and don’t say it enough
But I care about you so **** much
Wouldn’t let a thing happen to you sweet stuff

In some weird way when we very first met
I knew we’d be together we were perfect set
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I’m standing at the edge of a cliff
The water is surging below me
And the wind blows fiercely
I hear the sharp whistle of a lifeguard coming to my aid
The sound pierces my ears making me step slightly forward
All of a sudden, a question in my mind
Why am I standing here?
I snap out of that thought as I feel a tug at my shirt
I kick off my shoes and drop them over the ledge
A great hunger rises over me
Strange enough I want fish, I only have to fall to get them
The lighthouse across the way casts a beam of light down upon me
I feel as if I’m all that matters, like the main character of a story written by an author’s pencil
I believe the author of this story wants to see me dance off this cliff
But I can’t be sure if I should comply
The familiar feeling of a slight twinge in my nose; this always happens when I make a poor decision
Looking down I see a small black bug standing at the edge beside me
It appears to be saying “it will be alright”
When I fall forward it is only me and my thoughts, surely this all was worth it
Great green melon,
I see you there.
A “smash hit”,
Center stage,
All eyes on you.
The mallet’s lifted,
Your smooth ripe skin,
The target
Of a sad little man.
Why he hates you,
No one knows.
Repulsed by your taste?
Or did you choke him once?
A genocide,
Of a whole new kind.
Your flesh gets split,
And your juices fly,
Yet laughter fills the air.
Great green melon,
You have received an honor.
To die by the hands
Of the great.
I slipped onto the train
It made a long braking screech
A hundred iron wheels stopped time
I waited to hear the breeze
No one ever felt it like me
My heart stopped beating
It was harder to breathe
Asleep and hardly waking
Carnivourous teeth
Masticate everything near
Mandibles of prey
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