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Driven in the mind
Broken soul
She carries her body
Like her heart

She'll break you apart
If you come too close
Only to be too far

In her art
She paints the sheets
With the colors of the soul
Putting her lonely life
At ease

The calmness of the river
Reflects in the deep waters
When she thinks

She's my lady
And I love her madly
Love is for tender hearts and we are worlds apart.
Its a given that eventually I'll mess up,
beside all the misery, I'll always fill your cup.


I'm afraid to rupture your fragile heart
It frightens me that your love would someday depart
forever in love
  Dec 2018 Sorrowful Serendipity
how can i love someone
with every ounce of myself
but then when it's me
i can't even take a compliment
yet alone
  Dec 2018 Sorrowful Serendipity
walk the road
laid out for you
with words as a guide.

a book is your map
and let shadows fall
behind you completely.

it'll be difficult,
never easy even if you tried
but it's a road laid out for you

you've got a destination
maybe you don't know it yet
maybe your plans've been messed up

but when there's a bigger plan at work here
secondary plans aren't needed
  Dec 2018 Sorrowful Serendipity
i feel your warmth
wrapped up
your old sweater

i guess
you left two things behind
that weren’t important
that day
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