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There's a whole display
Of an infinite array
The tither and tather
Please don't wither and wather
You are you unique and true
Don't compare yourself like a fool
They say to own your shade
Represent and hold pride
But in pride do they anguish
Failing to distinguish
The few unique colors
The shadow and darks
May we befriend them in Stark
Let us taste and feel the contrast
Without leaving my eye palette too abrash
Own your shade
Be-Dazzled in contrast
Katja Pullinen  Sep 2019
Katja Pullinen Sep 2019
The Love will catch you from the ground.
The Love will stay with you forever.
The Love alive inside your heart. Like wind is playing.
The love will scream and you will hear.
And you will hear the echoes.
The love someday will come for you and warm your arms when will you freezing.
And love will wake you up ar night.
And love will opening your eyes. And you will see so clearly.
Like cristal wather glass.
The love will give you air.
And love will give you freedom. And love will opening your wings. For love just we can living
I know how making love you.

— The End —