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I I Cap'n, my eyes are fierce
the window to the soul glossy with tears
i present you with 2 gold tokens a gift to the seer
who lives in the cave the dearest friend of the deer
hidden away in the fresh musk of the wooden realms friends
filled with visions and eyes of dea with no end
to see or not to see the cure to mysteries misery
my hungry mind could use some rotisserie
We must keep the river flowing
our vulnerability proudly showing
skinny dipping with no rowing
i feed the rivers flowing
with a tear or a sweat
we do our best not to fret or regret
what a day it was when we met
we shall see what the skies bet
as long as the river stays flowing
we will all float on with food for the growing
What to write, when the words hang tight on the rope
The days are filled with possibility and endless hope
So many options and choices to be made
As my physical youth slowly fades
My mind a castle built on teal marble stones of bliss and desire
For what else am I alive but to build and inspire
Theres a fine wire that hangs from the head
Of the dusty old French maiden now an echo in the wind and dead
To leave a legacy or just to simply exist
As does the pretty fluffy kitten in the lap of a miss
We wander in wonder to learn the ways
Through keen wide eyes a curious soul does sway
A feather on a  bird, A dust in the wind
Holographic existence a  mango slowly ripened
Not hollow like all hollows eve
or a ghosts empty sleeve
holo like hello, lets get ready to take a dive
for today with a slow inhale we are alive
Eyes locked engaged and captured by one another,
A tunnel of timelessness created, evading the feelings of a lover,
Energy in motion, takes sail toward the sun of a beating vessel
A conquest that lays ahead, 3, 2, 1, goes the missile
Daring to feel and divuldge in your essence, I don’t care to know you
But bathe in your presence
Your status a mogul, a banker, or a peasant,
addiction ensues ready to get tyrant, nerves of my tongue
tickled in delight, euphoric releases to ease the body so creaky and tight
vulnerability makes its home in armor of the gladiators might
We dance with numbers, random symbols of inked lines called time
In each moment a new eternal divine of a ride
The babe is released from the wet creatress’ haven
Blood vessels pumped mothers freedom forsaken
One heart becomes 2 the world presented with a new little roo
The phenomenal miracle, a creature so delicately full of delight
All eyes on thee to see which way wings spread to take flight
Words become sentences feelings identified
pain becomes inevitable, the curse of death begins
to see hear taste smell and touch all with a grin
communion in joys and agony with foes and friends
experimental paradise, for dust to continuously gather blow and mend
echoes of stories of the young that grew old,
tales always changing but remaining the same no matter how they unfold
the bones will too disintegrate and recycle into dust
you see it is the only fate one realizes must
To be or not to be...
What is it that is so captivating of a tree
The plants that stand in Noble stance
To have no eyes
But to see more than the eyes can see
To uphold a roof that all dwell under
Filtering the abominations in the sky
What would we be without air...
We must take time to slow down and care
The buffet for our lungs to sing what must be sung and to feed the flame of the Mighty bright heat of a fire that perspires to warm my flesh
An invention of the gods to make  variant dishes more edible that aren't so fresh
The  guiding light in dark cold nights
To lead me to the water that baptizes my organs to keep me floating in a mental elemental paradise
Oh how wise to recognise and appreciate the fate of the gifts in this elemental paradise
The soul glides through it's endeavors
The ether it's home
Come back to me and melt with the crone
How we wander in wonder...
Some more daring to take a plunder
My breathe is my existential food
My emotional being is my attitude
I am alive to exist
Be it in sunlight or an abyss
The blood pumps through my veins
In a unison beat to the feet that treck the soils and the street
Informal to societal standard
All voices were meant to be heard
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