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I belive it was in a rest stop outside of Nashville when I first discovred just what lost truely


The people moved ants to a hive.

Ghost's to the shell so to speak.

Looking up routes streching worn stiff leg's and existing in personal bubbles.

Affraid a seconds conversation would burst a moments ******* cast


But I only sat watching happy to be a viewer to many seperate acts in a bound for nowhere


Hey you have the time?

I dont even have a watch.

I replyed to some lost south bound kid more ******* up looking

than myself.

He said nothing more as he simply  faded into the herd.

They were all bound for somewhere  and me I was just killing time.

My home was wherever I could catch a few hours sleep.

And hopefully I'd be outta this state befor long.

I was a nomad most called me a ***.

A traveler of fate and a lazy ******* to caught up in my own personal gains to settle down.

The voices of reason would seem to echo through strangers.

Whenever I'd take time to speak like some twisted record player

they'd always repeat.

So where you heading?

Nowhere and hopefully it has  a bar.

Why you on the road?

Well really I just decided to take a walk one day.

Where from?

North Carolina.

Wow why you in Texas.

It's a long walk.

Man your weird!.

Arent we all in some way?

And with that the conversation would fade into my beloved silence.

And I would view the highway and it's ever changing landscape.

The mountian  sunset's ,the desert  in the moolight ,

A city slum to a rest stop outside of Nashville where you find me now.

I'd seen Americas watercolors and her sharp edges and still charming sleeze.

And from a shared ride to a cold park bench.

I was embracing the forbidden fruit spoken of by

far better  fools and writers than me.

For true freedom was seldom safe.

But I viewed this world a travller a stranger to all including myself.

And from strange looks to even more bizzar remarks from  thoose who couldnt fathom

someone existing with no true purpose.

The question always was asked

from so many forgetable faces.

So where are you going?

Im just taking a long walk home.

— The End —