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Z  Aug 2017
Z Aug 2017
You think stepping on other woman's relationship,
makes you badass?
Oh dear think twice,
Karma will make you realize.

Look how lowly you are,
Staying a committed man's sidechick.
Stop kidding yourself,
You ain't gonna be the one.

The mites in your head,
keeps eating all your tiny brain cells.
Don't fool yourself,
You can never get my man.
N  Sep 2018
second choice
N Sep 2018
am i the one you call when you're feeling lonely?
am i the one you need when you're feeling needy?
am i the second choice?

we don't go anywhere, we don't do couple things,
i should have realized that when she got the ring.
i hate being the second choice.

why am i putting myself in this position?
clearing being the example of this definition.
the sidechick i thought i would get special treatment,
cant blame him or her for my feelings.

i thought he would leave her,
what was i thinking.
i'm just the second choice.

is it because i'm too insecure,
and my self esteem is too low,
that i took it upon myself and went with the flow,
and accepted being the second choice.

where do i go from here,
being alone is my fear.

but at least i'll stop being the second choice.

— The End —