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What is it about the human race hearts to soul
They waste all of life always wanting to know
Where we came from where we'er going to
As much sense as why does the north wind blow

Who needs rasism religion politics ****** difference
Simplicity is one of my favorite words that be
Simply all getting along and loving one another
You are you they are they I will always be just me

Living each day at a time beats building ant nests high
Being the gift to life wealthiest yet one day we all die
Fashion trends who's the best game people always play
Yet I've heard farmers say sheep are  stupid has me sigh

The coriculum of lifes school is oppersates as to learn
If none we learn nothing go to woe its ever so true
Tell me something thats not got one at all
Fasinates me the human race fasinating things they do

Different as yes or no right or wrong happy or sad
Be controled or in life make a personal choice
Fasinates me their childlike games more so than children
Blame others for your life or be yourself and rejoice

I feel children on planets away play with toys beyond us
Human ego wanting needing their have to do their I Q
Comedians will never be broken re a human word spoken
From liked underwear to the size of a human shoe

The I'm king of the castle you ***** raskle presidents
All seeing themselves as best in a leading role for time
Fasinates me human stupidity for the life of me I smile
Human ego self appointed tasting like lemons ever divine

terrence michael sutton
copyright 2018

— The End —