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Kewayne Wadley Jul 2018
Just because it's suggested doesn't make it right.
In the hands of teachers, other staff.
What other purpose could this directly serve.
To defend our institutions.
To further endanger those around.
The knowledge instilled from book to teacher a different practice.
Now holstered, hidden in the drawer of a desk.

What goes through the mind of the victim that's been bullied.

What training can be set in place to stop the next bulletin.

Shooting across the screen.

The kid in 10th grade that carries the weight of the world.

Sitting all day staring out the window.

Mother in hospice.

A fragile thought swallowed by deafening silence.

It no longer becomes a listening session of encouragement.

The after school sessions of comfort sped up.

Another bulletin of hysteria fired across the screen.

Teacher student affair.

15 year old student found with 42 year old man.

When in reality she was seeking help due to a troubled home.

Afraid to sleep knowing the door would creep open.

Leaving her terrified to close her eyes. The relationship between step daughter and father without boundary.

Where's the specialty training for those who care.

The proper resources that extend beyond that of a pamphlet.

The dark skin kids that's made fun of because they look different.

Stereotyped as aggressive.
The dope boys, the baby mamas.

The light skin girl that's made to feel inferior because she turns red with every hit.

Her hair is longer than theirs so she wants to cut it.

Aggressively forgetting all the beauty she possesses.

The active shooter managing to make it pass the metal detectors.

Rallying the attention he didn't get at home.

The debate carries on across every wall except the right ones
Kewayne Wadley Apr 2018
Due to popular belief. I believe that certain things are due to happen naturally.
Like all other things it's bound to grow. This thing, love.
We are due to become obese to this organic, homegrown feeling.

The initial look that begins as taste. Naturally we are starved.

Aroused by the scent that lures us close. This thing, love.

One thing we must learn is self control. To not over indulge in the primary reason it exists.

To selfishly take because it's there. This thing, love.

Effort exudes as it becomes habit. Being placed at a table readily available for what portion comes next.

This need becomes confused with want.

To please others before our need in unselfish manner. A straight forward response to habit.

The rising availability of also being taken for granted. The insurmountable outline that defines lust.

Our intake becomes higher attempting to justify the difference. Thus we become lazy.

Reacting in ways we normally wouldn't. This thing, love.

This scent acts as incentive,  instantly attracted by which we over indulge.

Searching for this thing, love.

It's a reasonable thing. Knowing when to reach. When to pull. When to give and sacrifice.

Almost always all of these happen, learning self control, vocalizing when we've had our fill.

Else we will continue to eat until there is nothing left.
Grown obese. This thing, love
missy  Jul 2
missy Jul 2
do you ever feel like you’re not the same as you used to be?

you changed... you’re not the little girl that runs around the street, that laugh at simple things, that cry over some toys, that throw tantrums whenever you feel like it

you changed... you’re not the girl who hangs out with friends every weekends; maybe even weekdays, who spends money to useless stuff you don’t even need, who befriends everyone to be considered part of the society, who tells lie to be able to hang out and be part of their so called group

you changed... you’re not the girl who cries over some random guys, who chased over undeserving guy, who get swooned over sugar coat words, who get played at, who get used at

you changed... you’re not the girl who remained silent, the girl who doesn’t fight for the right, who don’t share her wonderful thought, who doesn’t speaks for herself

you changed... you’re a woman now; who speaks her mind, who will stand for what is right, who will never let anyone brings her down

you changed for the better but why does it feel so wrong?
you’re not used to it
you can’t get used to it
but it’s for the better

so you blocked all those useless thoughts, those words that pains your heart and mind, you blocked every painful whispers you get... because you know that’s the only way for you to get better

and you need better; not for someone else but for yourself


— The End —