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Alix  Aug 2012
Alix Aug 2012
The clock stands still
I threw back a pill
Numbness seeps in
Anxiety loosens to be thin
Racing mind freezes mid-track
The stomach-pitted sorrow starts to go black
Pain of the truth of the world seeps out
A shiver down my back
Peace setting in to stay & play…
         ..I’m never going back..
Lady Gaga's poker face is off,

While I hear Dr.Frankenstein maniacal cough,

Marlyn's eyes pacing and keeping with her anxieties,

with Bob Dylan telling her about his newest sobrieties,

Bunch a ******* cards says Loretta Lynn,

I'm all in says he with the masochistic words written on his chin,

Gaga throws her dark shades on her slave Popculture,

he bows and tries to back out the door,

When Elvis and Kerry Grant grab his collar,

and tell him to earn his dollar.

My hand is nothing but missed connections,

and different lives I might have lived.

I fold.
Ylang Ylang  Jun 2018
Ylang Ylang Jun 2018
Meeting and hanging out with friends
Scenes become cartoon like
Every person becomes cartoon like
Druggish visions, 2000's chavs
Smoking dope and loitering
the tower blocks district

Beware when you think about them
                       when you look at them
For they are 18 years
                                         in the past

A newborn of the internet
MTV ruled the popculture
Silent/waiting adolescent society
of tower blocks districts
West leaked through the
       luminous cracks
                 of TV screen.

Rat Queen in labour
foul and swollen
force (remorse! Whitebirds,
Felines of night - mourn.)
            of childbirth

— The End —